1-hour Strategy Session

Not sure where to even start?

Do you need branding or training first? Do you need strategy or content? Do you start a blog or a newsletter? Do you create a program, product or service? Are you terrified to even think about creating videos? Do you need videos? Not sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to Twitter or Pinterest or if either of them is right for you?

Are you a social media expert trying to hone your message and target market? Are your responsible for creating the community for your company? Whether you’re a solopreneur, the person in charge of your company’s social media presence or a social media expert looking to grow and expand your business, this exploratory session is just what you need to clear the fog.

Whatever the confusion or question, get the clarity you need in a one-hour private phone session with me where we’ll walk through your current status, what you want, where you’re uncertain or unclear about how to proceed, and map out the right strategy for you so that you can exhale and move forward.

My hourly rate is $475. However, for these special consultations, which I find to be more exploratory, I am slicing and dicing that price to only $75 for serious inquiries.

Grab your one-hour exploratory consultation for only $75.*

Or email TuneIn@theSocialDeviants.com for more information.

* these $75 consultations are for serious inquiries only, and are only for a limited time.