Your Year of Living Deviantly

You admire the icons who have shaped the world. You want to be one of them.

You want to know how they did it. You want to know their secrets to success.

You need inspiration. You need facts.

You know that it takes initiative, but you’re not sure where to begin or how.

You’re thinking “Will it take a lot of time?” “Do I have what it takes?”

You’re creative, but are perhaps feeling stagnant, bored, unchallenged or overwhelmed by the stuff that keeps (legitimately) getting in the way — bills, family, work and other obligations.

You’ve decided that in 2012 you’re going to make time. You’re looking into vacations, retreats, workshops, seminars. You’re going to “fit it in.”

What it takes, though, is commitment not to merely “fit it in,” but make it a seamless part of your lifestyle. A ritual of bettering yourself, your life and your creative and professional output.

Your Year of Living Deviantly is the way to keep your resolution to living your best, most productive life.

This isn’t Carpe Diem. It’s Carpe Annum. SEIZE the YEAR!

The iconoclasts who polarize, inspire, shape and leave their mark on the world look tradition in the eye and headbutt it.

The only thing they don’t believe in is the word “can’t.”

They are the ultimate social deviants. Before they “made it,” they were all told they couldn’t do something, laughed at or shunned for being ‘crazy.’ Still they flipped the bird at those notions because there was a hunger inside them that told them there was another way.

You can’t ignore the hunger. It was put there on purpose. You’re supposed to leave your mark. You matter to someone…to lots of someones.

People come to me regularly and say, “I want to leave my mark. I want my message to create movements. Can you help me do that with my brand, my message and my social marketing?”

Here’s what I say…

To be an icon online, you need to think and act like one offline.

Good habits, faithful intentions, positive actions — they take time to form and incorporate organically into your life.

That’s why this isn’t a month long program or a random teleseminar. This is a self-propelled, year-long e-course that you do on your own time. But you must make the time. It’s your choice.

Each week for 52 weeks, you will be given an Icon, an Idea and an Initiative that will inspire and challenge you to think differently about your life, problems and solutions. They are creative, practical, divine, outlandish, smart and results-driven.

There are also surprises along the way that will give you a greater opportunity for expansion and connection with influential people making huge impacts on their industries and the world right now.

Changing your game, tweaking the plan, pushing the boundaries, setting new standards — it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. This program will show you how the big visions and ideas can move mountains, and how the little things can make all the difference.

You want to do it, but you’re nervous about committing to a year-long program. Sure, I get that. But how bad do you want to be one of those icons? Because THAT is a lifelong commitment. And, this e-course, is only $1 a week. That’s it. You can not tell me that upgrading your awesome isn’t worth a buck a week.

52 Weeks for Only $52*

The beautiful part is, you’ll have all the materials no matter when you decide to look at them, dig in and do. There are no productivity police on this. It’s your year. I just want you to have the tools to make it miraculous.

At the end of your year (heck, at the beginning), you will feel empowered. You will know more about those who have made dramatic impacts on the world, how they did it, what influenced them and how to harness that greatness inside you to do the same.

So, are you worth it? Make this Your Year of Living Deviantly.

Only $52*

*$2 from every purchase goes to charity:water