Welcome to Your Year of Living Deviantly

Janet WallaceYou’re about to explore and absorb the iconic personalities & big ideas that have challenged the status quo.

This year you will tap into your own talents, passions and creativity to expand and celebrate your own awesomeness with an excitement, commitment and ferocity that will ignite the fire inside and inspire those around you! You’ll discover what it takes to be an icon – how to positively impact the world and grow your own conscientious empire.

Are you ready to change not only your world, but the world?

Your first week’s Icon, Idea & Initiative will arrive in your inbox by tomorrow morning. Take the time to absorb the information sent to you. As you know, the more you give to the world and your growth, the more you receive and prosper.

I encourage you to do the challenges contained within each email. As is anything in life, they are optional, but you can only grow by poking the box and living outside your comfort zone.

Greatness belongs to the bold.

You have the option to return or reply each week with your observations and or completed challenges. Again this is optional; however, I read each one with joy and faith in your evolution, and I know from experience that sharing makes everything more real!

You will feel more connected to yourself, your goals, your greatness and others.

I also have a few surprises in store for those who persevere along the way.

Carpe Annum,

Janet Wallace