janet_polaroid2_smileSocial Deviants is for creative entrepreneurs— authors, artists, innovators — who know that in order to stand out, you must stand UP for what you believe in.

You know that creation, birth, and building are messy, but that there’s a method to the madness. It is loud, and painful, and forever changes the landscape of your life.

You know there is never one path to a destination, and it’s often best to take the one that allows you to finish listening to the music.

You believe in having your own anthem. A theme song played as you enter a room…if only in your head and heart.

You believe that language should be as colorful as life, that words have power, that laughter can heal.

You’re a non-violent person, but want to kick your doubt demons and imposter syndrome in the chins.

You know it isn’t about how much it costs. It’s about how much you’re worth, the dream is worth, and how it can positively impact the lives of others.

You believe in collaboration because the person who said it’s lonely at the top, climbed the mountain alone.

You believe in lifting others up as you yourself climb because there’s room for all the great ideas, and different thinking, and new ways of doing. Because you know that sometimes you’re the teacher, sometimes you’re the student, and always we are in this together.

You believe not in following, but in leading your dreams. Because this is the one and only life you get, and you don’t want to waste one more minute of it thinking about what other people will think or wondering if you’re crazy or brilliant (psst: you’re brilliant) or using money or time as an excuse to keep you from the life you know you are meant to have.


Let’s face it, there is no mystery to marketing. There are free videos and books and white papers out there to give you all the information you think you need to be a success online and off. We’ve all tried and done basically the same things. It isn’t about finding that one thing you haven’t tried. It’s about showing people who you are, what you believe, and how you serve in creative, unexpected, and experiential ways that truly resonates, makes waves, and attracts the community you need to attain the results you want.

I’ve been in advertising and I’ve been in live events. I’ve been in online marketing and social media. I’ve spoken to thousands and I’ve coached and trained one-on-one. I’ve been a speaker, a coach, a strategist, a branding expert, a marketer, a social media guru, a copywriter, an event producer and promoter. The labels change, but the fact remains that I love helping creative people like you CREATE — businesses and lives that inspire you so that they can in turn, inspire others. I help you create the words, the experiences, the revenue streams, the plan to make it happen.

If you want my resume (CV), please visit my LinkedIn profile. All the minutiae of my career, who I’ve worked for, results achieved, etc. is on there. If you’re ready to get on with it, dig in here.

I believe in doing what sounds crazy. I believe in the power of giving. Want to join me?