Amplify Your Awesome

Boost Your Confidence, Raise Your Influence, and Increase Your Income

through Powerful Branding, Messaging and Creative Content to take you from “I can’t” to Iconic.

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One of the struggles I hear about most often is the desire to be a part of something bigger. You want to matter and contribute and connect in a much bigger way. You want to leave your mark. And you want to do it in such a way that not only feels good, but that also gives you the consistent income you need to live the life you deserve.

Amplify Your Awesome is a deeply immersive private, 60-day program for those who aspire to be more and do more.

It isn’t about being the loudest person in the room. It’s about tuning out the distortion in your message and sharing it with the right community that can grow with you.

Only 5 spots available in this custom creative campaign-building program. So don’t wait.

Tune out the noise and tune into the crystal clarity of your dream.

Magnify your message to expand your reach.

Electrify your audience with value-driven, hi-fi communications.

Boost your brand by making your mission center stage.

Crank up your confidence to increase conversions.

Reduce negative feedback through high-quality interaction.

Turn up the volume on your visibility with images, audio & video.

Channel your creativity into laser-focused energy.


✰ You will understand your target audience better than you ever have before. You will not only know exactly when and where they are, but how to reach them and what to say to them and ways to engage them that will make them raving fans.

 You’ll learn the highest converting marketing copy techniques based on the psychology of human needs,  and, most importantly, copy that shows your audience that not only have you been listening to them and understand where they are coming from, but copy that makes them crazy excited to grab your book, offer, or service.

 You will master content that captivates, starts conversations and converts browsers to buyers and fans:

      • the types of videos that get the most views, shares and buyers.
      • the types of links that get the most clicks in posts
      • the types of blogs that receive the most comments and shares
      • content that builds your subscriber list
      • the types of photos that get the highest engagement
      • but most importantly, the content that is right for you and your brand that confidently and effectively raises your profile, visibility and influence in your community:

–> Find the true voice of your brand that engages and attracts followers

 I will review and edit any sales pages, sales & marketing copy, social media content & calendar

 I will teach you the highest-converting sales conversation techniques in the industry, used by multi-seven-figure industry executives and leaders.

I will help you determine the appropriate distribution channels to best reach your desired clients both online and off.

I will use my experience to help craft the right campaign ideas to make you stand out in your field and attract the attention you need to maintain consistent income.


This is TWO FULL MONTHS of personalized coaching where the focus is on amplifying your confidence, creativity, content, brand and business to create a killer online platform that leaves it all on the stage!

 Month ONE kicks off with a two-hour strategy session* to discuss outcomes desired (set specific goals) and create the action plan for your promotional campaign.

Weekly 30-minute sessions* once a week after initial strategy session (3 total in month one).

In Month TWO, we start off with a 90-minute evaluation & strategy session* to measure, amp and ramp up the campaign, course correct and define new goals moving forward.

Weekly 30-minute calls after 90-min evaluation & strategy session (3 total in month two).

Weekly email check-ins with me for review of content, ask questions, etc (7 total beginning after initial strategy session).

This program focuses on VISIBILITY-boosting tools and CONFIDENCE-building strategy sessions to help you achieve increased sales, consistent income, and loyal fans who will help you spread your message.

It builds and hones vital SKILLS that you must have in order to be successful in today’s crazy-assed, overcrowded, modern world.

There is not another program out there where you get this much access to the coach/trainer. You’ll see so much of me we’ll be picking out China patterns.

Due to the fully immersive and extremely hands-on nature of this program, there are only FIVE spots available.

Investment in Full** (Best Value) $4,999


Or two monthly payments of $2,699



Reserve your spot before January 31st, and receive my 6-week home study course, StandUP.StandOUT.RakeItIn as my gift to you!

If there’s anything I know FOR SURE, it’s that you can know every marketing formula and trick in the books, BUT, if you don’t have the right mindset around wealth consciousness…if you don’t have a good relationship with time…if you don’t love and respect yourself…if you don’t surround yourself with the right people…if you don’t know what you believe in….if you don’t know how to find and truly connect and build a real relationship with you community…

…then NONE of the marketing stuff will stick. You’ll repeat the same patterns, you’ll continue to struggle, and you you won’t create the lasting, thriving lifestyle you desire.

My massively popular class StandUP.StandOUT.RakeItIn crystalizes your wants, your mission, your message, your audience AND your mindset around all of the mental and spiritual stuff, so that you can succeed…for good.

And it’s my gift to you if you decide to AMPLIFY YOUR AWESOME, and secure your spot before May 31st.

Investment in Full** (Best Value) $4,999


Or two monthly payments of $2,699

Just think, before the end of the year you could surpass your income goals, increase your influence in the community and get a head start on your 2015 plans!

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Founder of two thriving businesses — Social Deviants, a six-figure social marketing company that helps creative entrepreneurs build online business platforms that profit; and utopYA, an annual writing conference, which has grown eight times the size it started in only three short years, that celebrates writers of young adult and new adult fiction — Janet Wallace has a passion for marketing and dark chocolate-covered almonds. She uses her expertise to help clients grow powerful communities and create top-of-mind brand recognition and influence.

She hosts events and speaks regularly to national and international groups about how to turn what you believe into a manifesto for building  a business of purpose, using your powers for good. Previously a brand strategist for a London-based, award-winning agency, Janet has worked directly with clients such as ooVoo, Oxygen Women’s Television, Film4/Channel4 London and Elle magazine to name a few. She has also been an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University where she lectured on Social Media for Authors. She is currently on the board of women’s entrepreneurship group, Allies in Biz, and lives in Nashville with her husband and two children.

Gina DeVee“Janet Wallace generates amazing results. She helped me integrate social media strategies with my current service based business that had instant results in building my platform and expanding my brand. She is definitely one of the smartest and most creative people I know in the industry. With her personable, and adaptable teaching style, along with extensive knowledge and experience, she comes up with a tailor-made action plan for your specific business. Her ability to be constantly in tune with her clients allows her to stay 3 steps ahead of you, always anticipating your needs. I highly recommend her if you are looking to expand your business, get new clients and grow your list.”

~ Gina DeVee,

Founder of The Academy: International Business Coaching Certification for Women

“What’s in a name? Everything. It’s what defines a product, making it easily recognizable and memorable. Something so simple has so much behind it: strategy, creativity, imagination, whimsy and wit………and people like Janet Wallace. She infuses energy, talent and uniqueness into everything she does–once you’ve worked with her, Janet, and her creations, also become easily recognizable and memorable.”

~ Michelle Kerrigan,

The workplace Confidence Expert, TV Host/Producer

“Janet is my secret weapon. A powerhouse thinker that can elevate any brand, she starts by empowering the individuals behind them. She will startle you with her instant genius and her capacity to turn what seems like a mundane conversation into a transformative experience. I highly recommend her services – both you and your business will be forever changed for the better.”

~ Jennymarie Jemison,

Creative Director / Principal at

Chelsea Starling, author and web designer at StarlingMagic.comARMED WITH ABILITY TO CREATE NEW INCOME STREAMS

“Before hiring Janet, I suffered from an intense dose of self-doubt due to being surrounded by family members and people who never believed in me or encouraged me. Janet’s fierce, honest, deep belief in my talents and my ability to succeed has carried me through many a dark moment since I hired her. I am able to look at myself as powerful, capable woman for the first time in my life, and it feels amazing. I no longer default to destructive thought patterns. That alone was worth the price of admission!

My time spent with Janet, her expertise in helping me set up a business that supports my dream of making a career out of novel-writing, and her ability to turn my self-defeating thoughts upside down and help me see my own gifts clearly is PRICELESS. She is an incredible human with an extraordinary gift to uplift, motivate, empower and show you a path where before there was just a tangle of barbed brambles waiting to chew you up and spit you out, scratched and bloody with no will to forge ahead.

Now that I’m armed with new ways of thinking about myself and my ability to create an income that will support my family while pursuing my dreams, I have been taking crucial steps toward building the life I desire.

I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Janet. I will continue to hire her again and again to coach me through my business life as my fortune grows. It’s crazy-awesome to be standing on the threshold of the life that I have always envisioned, and finally, I can see it as a reality rather than mere fantasy.

I am deeply grateful and blessed to be able to work with Janet. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone willing to do the work that she lays out for you. I took a huge financial and emotional risk in hiring her, and I am so incredibly glad that I did. The payoff comes each time I do the work, and grows exponentially both within my tender soul, which gains strength day by day, and in the solid business foundations I’m laying down for myself. Worth. Every. Penny.”

~ Chelsea Starling,

author and web designer at


“Amplify Your Awesome. It is exactly what the title says it is. Janet Wallace has a way to bring out the best of your already awesome self ! You have the talent and the knowledge and Janet helps with her course to amplify that to a level you never thought was possible on your own. With her help, I’ve been able to create content, books, workshops and mentoring sessions for people and that I can honestly say has made a huge impact in my sales and my SELF confidence. Don’t ever underestimate the power of YOU and JANET. Combined it’s an explosion of delicious awesomeness that will have you pumped for your bright and fruitful future.

~ Regina Wamba

award-winning book cover designer and photographer;

Please call 347-460-277 or email TuneIn @ with any questions.