Balance Is Boring (Or Balance Schmalance)

Business experts. Health and physical coaches and trainers. Spiritual gurus. They talk about finding balance in life, work, health, family, money, etc. But seriously, what does that even mean? Really, have you ever sat with the word “balance”?  Unless you’re the woman in the photo, balance is boring.

I’m a Libra, the sign of the scales, so I always thought that I was supposed to be balanced. I see both sides to every story, and I do weigh options, but if I can confess anything, it would be that I have spent the majority of my life trying to balance my scales. One has always been weighed down heavier than the other.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized what an illusion balance is. Balance just seems to be another word for perfectionism. We always strive for it, and when we achieve it, if ever, it’s short-lived.

I call bullshit. Wanna know why? Because your innate desire for more — money, education, personal growth, love, time, family, etc. — compels you to set goals in that one area of your life where you want expansion.

If I know anything, it’s that to achieve massive results and success in any of those areas, you must FOCUS. You get single-minded about your goal, and you go for it, which means, some of the other areas of your life will take a back seat during that time of laser-focused energy.

The thing to watch out for isn’t that you’ll get out of balance. It’s that you’ll only focus on this one area of your life…forever. That’s the danger.

What you seek is harmony, not balance. Admit to yourself that you do need to “go for it” right now in your career, your exercise routine, your motherhood or where ever your heart is. Talk with loved ones about the need, desire and purpose of focusing on that area so that every one is on same page. That way you’re planning for and taking care of the lack of you in other areas as a team. If everyone is in agreement, then the accord, the harmony can be found while you focus on the one certain area of your life.

Give yourself a timeline of this laser-focused work. Otherwise you fall into the trap of leaving the rest of your life unattended or attended to by those who you should respect as your equals, but who then unwittingly become your support, and only your support.

Balance is overrated. Harmony is what you seek.

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