Good Deal for Good Eggs

It was a spur of the moment decision at 10:45 AM Central Time today. I felt this mad urge to do something special for Good Friday.

But I didn’t want it to be something small like a few hours with me. I wanted it to mean something more, to get you farther.

I’ve come up with the Good Friday Deal for Good Eggs (that’s you!)

I’m turning back time, and I’m discounting my three-month program. Instead of paying $7,500, take 50% off.

You pay $3,750 for three full months of online business building awesome. Systems and structures, social media strategy, finding your voice and the right content for you!

Here’s what you’ll get:


Personalized coaching where we’ll dig deep to build your confidence, brand and career goals to create a killer online platform!

It kicks off with a half-day live intensive (in-person or via video Skype) where we’ll work one-on-one to make sure your business model, your brand and your online platform are working synergistically to build you the community and business you need and want to make a difference.

You’ll walk out with a clear vision, mission, goals and direction for your business. I never let anyone leave without an action plan for massive online growth!

You’ll then receive five one-hour strategy sessions via video Skype, and five additional email check-ins.

  • We will develop your online brand and define goals of your vision/launch.
  • We will create a strategy for your message across the social platforms that are right for you, that includes killer content, high engagement and maximum impact.
  • We will develop one campaign for either your brand or a product, service, book or program you’re looking to launch.

Includes training in any social networks deemed necessary for the success of your campaign.

 $7,500 Only $3,750 if purchased by 11 PM Easter Sunday, April 08, 2012

I will offer a two-payment plan of $2,000 each, 45 days apart. Email me: TuneIn [at] the for arrangements.

EXCLUSIVE TO THIS PROGRAM: I am available to review web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter – I evaluate current strategy, if any, and let you know what you can personally do to enhance your online personality and business so that you stand out from the noise by standing up for what you believe in.

Only $3,750 ’till Sunday night

If you’re ready for a deviant approach. If you’re sick of how everyone else is doing it. If you know that you are ready to create something EPIC, then let’s spend three months together rocking out your online business and launch a campaign that will keep people talking!
Effective Results, Efficient Instruction and Incredible Insights

“Janet has been an incredible inspiration as I navigate my next great adventure, exploring the possibilities that are out there, made even more achievable by using multi-media tools effectively. The best part of these sessions is that Janet knows how to make the instruction effective for people who don’t have a lot of time to decipher the loads of information out there – she’s already done the work to determine what works (and what doesn’t) so all we need to do is follow her suggestions and enjoy the results! Social Deviants offers effective results, efficient instruction and incredible insights on a difficult subject – what more could anyone else ask for?”

Jamie Anderson, Seventh Level Angel

Deviant Wisdom

“Janet, Thank you for your deviant wisdom. I feel so much better. Thank You again for your time and expertise.”


Cindy Ciskowski,