Part 2 of 2: The What, When & Where of Facebook Events

Last week I showed you How to Create a Facebook Event, and today I’m going to talk about What qualifies as an event you’d want to create on Facebook, When should you create the event (how far in advance), and Where you should promote it.

When Should You Create an Event in Facebook
For large in‐person or online multi‐day conferences, with multi‐person presenters, where you are charging for tickets/attendance, you should create the event a few months in advance, especially if you’re going to be doing traditional press push.

For smaller events where you’re not coordinating much and you won’t make or break the bank on ticket sales, a month or a few weeks out works fine. For weekly or monthly events, create them accordingly. Remember you can always send updates no matter how far in advance you have created the event, and you can post the URL of the event page multiple times in multiple locations.

What Qualifies as an Event (in terms of business):

  • Call Series
  • The Launch of a Program, Package, Book, Campaign, Product or Service
  • Conferences
  • Educational events – webinars, lectures
  • Speaking Engagements

What could you add?

Where Should You Promote Your Event:

  • On all other social media networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, etc.
  • In your newsletter/solo mailers
  • Personal Facebook profiles
  • Other people’s pages (with their permission)
  • In Groups
  • Forums
  • Live Events

Remind people often. I know that when I sign up for webinars, usually a month in advance I’ll get a reminder each week, then on the week of I may get anywhere from three to daily reminders, then I reminders day of an hour before, sometimes even 15 minutes prior to the webinar. It may sound like overkill, but remember that these days people can’t remember what they signed up for where, and you want to remind them, and also remind them why it’s so important that they attend and participate.

What do you think? Is it overkill to remind people that often? Let me know in the comments.

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