Hey there!

Grab a cup of coffee and hang out for a bit – and let’s chat about your Social Media plan.

What plan you say?

Yah, that’s why we need to talk.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, you’ve probably looked at your small marketing budget and decided that since places like Facebook and Twitter are free to use – you don’t have to spend any money on marketing with them.

And you’ve probably come to the conclusion that you might be wrong there.

You’re right.

In that… you’re wrong about spending money marketing in Social Media.

Let’s break it down:

  • Facebook currently
    • Has more than 800 million active users, 50% of whom log on daily
    • Sees on average, more than 250 million photos uploaded per day
    • Has become the #1 place where people connect in our society
  • Twitter currently
    • Stat 1
    • Stat 2
    • Stat 3
  • LinkedIn currently
    • Stat 1
    • Stat 2
    • Stat 3

Looking at these statistics, can you see where I’m going about where and how to invest your marketing dollars?

Or put in a more “Social Deviant” way –

How crazy are you to not invest significantly in an education on how, when and where to use Social Media to grow your business?

A recent article published by a leading marketing watchdog group reported that Fortune 500 corporations are paying salaries of $100K + to fill  “Director of Social Media” positions. These corporations understand how important it is to show up the right way on Social Media.

Not doing so could significantly damage the reputation of a company.

The big brands know that – and now you do, too.

But – not to worry – there IS a way to invest in your company’s Social Media marketing without breaking the bank.

Enter the “Rebel” plan from Social Deviants.

As a Social Deviant Rebel, you have front-row access to:

  • eZine The Free Radical, full of Tips Essential for Growing Your Following
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  • Support from fellow Deviants to boost your confidence, build your brand and make an impact now!
  • Support from Growing Community of Deviants
  • Access to private Facebook Group to continue the discussion and receive more feedback
  • FIRST Access to all event tickets and VIP coaching programs before they go on sale to general public
  • Discounts on all eBooks
  • Free Social Deviants mug, coaster or mousepad!
  • … and tons more (maybe even Ginsu knives)

There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t sign up today and start getting your Social Media plan implemented. Right?

Right! Now the only thing to do is…

Wait, one more thing before you buy! I’m really happy that you’ve made the decision to become a Rebel. Are you thinking that personalized 1:1 attention would work better for you? Consider signing up for my exclusive Revolutionary program instead. This program is by application only…