REBEL YELL: 90 Days to Your Bold & Bad Ass Biz

If you’re here, it means you’re sick of all the cookie-cutter business and marketing programs out there. It’s NOT about hidden secrets, unlocking keys and the same old sales pitch.

It’s about finding and wielding your strong, powerful VOICE.

It’s about cultivating your COURAGE to LEAD those who need what you have…right now.

It’s about understanding and embracing the TOOLS you need to GET SHIT DONE.

It’s about creating KICK ASS programs, products, businesses, services that NO ONE but YOU can deliver.

It’s about developing a STRATEGY that STANDS OUT and STANDS UP for what YOU BELIEVE.

You’re D-O-N-E doing what everyone else is doing. You want to be DIFFERENT. INNOVATIVE. ICONIC.

You’re not making what you want. You think you can’t. You don’t know what to charge, so you undercharge because you let the doubt demons invade. Want to know why?

Here are five of many reasons why you’re not rich, happy and haute (see what I did there?)

  1. You’re pushing the exact same potions as everyone else. How about creating something that speaks to the heart of your audience? How about having a little fun in the process? NEW takes work, but it’s better than following the sheep. It’s also insanely fun and is undeniably RIGHT for you and your audience.
  2. Your message and your brand are boring. Mediocre is for chumps. You want to be an A player, so play like one. There is a time for quiet reflection. But this is NOT that time. No more walking in the middle where it’s safe. It’s time to create something as BOLD and as BRILLIANT as you are.
  3. You haven’t niched your business or target audience properly. Pick a powerful lane. Know your wheelhouse. Stop trying to please everyone. No one is buying it. Talk to someONE or you’re talking to noONE.
  4. You’re a technophobe. You shudder at the thought of having to understand blogs, merchant accounts, buy buttons, widgets, Facebook ads, anything Twitter, opt-in and sales pages. Hey. TOTALLY been there. You can do this. I swear.
  5. You’re hiding your awesome. YOUR life is an adventure. It’s a gripping, epic story. It’s triumph and tragedy. It’s heaven and hell. It’s okay to be scared. But to be the hero of your own story you must rise up to defend, protect and serve.

For more about my story and what’s holding you back, listen to the FREE recording: C2Abadassbiz

You’d think that people who make 5-, 10-, 20- and $30,000 a month wouldn’t need coaching, but, thing is, these are exactly the people who get it…because they get it. We’ve been where you are. Broke. Struggling. Chasing clients and the calendar. Then we invested in ourselves by getting sh*t done with someone who spoke our language — someone who connected to us and helped us put our priorities, our vision and our businesses in order.

When you’re struggling, you so desperately need and want this kind of help — personalized, customized attention to your mindset, your business model, your marketing and your long-term vision. However, you say things like “I can’t afford this right now,” or “I’ll save up money,” “I can’t dip into my savings for that. Savings is only for emergencies.”

You can’t afford NOT to do this. Not only that, your audience can’t afford to wait another day for your help. If your passion isn’t an emergency, if it isn’t a priority…then you probably don’t want it bad enough. You probably don’t want to change the world, your industry or your corner of it as much as you think you do. Otherwise, there would be nothing and no one holding you back.

It isn’t about whether or not I can do what I claim on this page. The proof is in the puddling, right? Here are the obligatory testimonials from happy clients:

Real Results in a Short Period of Time!“Janet is a master in the art of brand strategy and small business marketing! I just recently started entrepreneurial activities to combine my physical therapy expertise and love of sports. I came to Janet needing to quickly get out a marketing master plan for Sahara desert extreme running training programs for an event in March. She immediately created a marketing plan that I was able to place into action for real results in a short period of time.In addition, I had fun and truly enjoyed every private session with Janet. Her ability to open up creative avenues while at the same time focusing on her client’s objectives and real results, make her a true master.”Susan Nowell, International Physical Therapist,


Over 600 subscribers to my list in 2 weeks for one promotion!“I can’t believe how much I learned about social media in such a short time that was specifically relevant for growing my unique business. Using Janet’s suggestions, I doubled my Facebook Page likes in less than 3 weeks and drove over 600 new subscribers to my list in 2 weeks for one promotion — something I have never done before.Working with Janet has been an amazing investment that I will recoup many times over.”Jill Hope,


Get it Done!“Janet Wallace is all about energy and action.If Nike hadn’t nabbed it first, her tagline would be, “Just do it!” With the “do” in italics.I worked with Janet over several months. She helped me clarify my brand, define a service offering, build a platform and get up and out there. None of which would have happened had she not been on hand urging me onward and upward.

Icing on the cake – and this is a lot of icing – her sense of clarity, her sense of humor, and her kind heart.Talk to Janet. You’ll get it done.”

David Paine, Re-branding for the Late Bloomer,


166% Increase in Traffic in One Month!


“Facebook is now the number 1 referring source to our website. Our traffic from FB went up 166% since we started working with you a month ago.

Traffic from Facebook also stays on our site longer now.”

Margie Nichols, Institute for Personal Growth


500 Facebook Likes in Two Weeks!

“Janet Wallace completely revamped my entire approach to social media, and generates amazing results. By following 1 strategy of hers, I was able to get 100 new Twitter followers in 3 days. She helped me integrate social media strategies with my service-based business that had instant results in building my platform and expanding my brand.

She is definitely one of the smartest and most creative people I know in the industry. With her personable, and adaptable teaching style, along with extensive knowledge and experience, she comes up with a tailor-made action plan for your specific business.

Her ability to be constantly in tune with her clients allows her to stay 3 steps ahead of you, always anticipating your needs. I highly recommend her if you are looking to expand your business, get new clients and grow your list through social media.”

Gina DeVee, International Success Coach,


Over 2,100 New Names Added to Email List in One Month!

“Janet Wallace kicks some major Facebook butt – she helped me get over 450 new Likes on my page in less than 2 weeks, and over 500 names on my email list in a matter of days, and we’re still climbing steadily.She’s loaded with brilliant ideas, actually makes social media fun and easy, and is a total hoot to work with.”

Jen Sincero, Best-selling Author of “Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer” and “The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping With Chicks”,


A Social Media Guru!

“Janet Wallace is a social media guru. I used to think I could navigate social media with the best of them. Little did I know, the multitude of treasures which were in store for me with a little help and some friendly tips from a world class expert! In less than 2 weeks my Facebook likes grew by 200 from scratch and my email data base grew 100.”

Amanda Moxley, Body Transformation Expert and Coach – top Nutrition Advisor for Healthy Utah Magazine and Utah,


And there are more of those on my YouTube channel, web site and elsewhere. I am beyond blessed to get to work with kick ass, driven doers. So, you see, it isn’t really about whether or not I can pull it off. What it’s about, truly, is believing that YOU can pull it off. And you absolutely can. You can go from “I can’t to ICONIC.”

If you’re ready to ROAR in the face of unacceptable, mediocre, boring, trite, traditional, safe and bland…then you’re ready to take on your REBEL YELL and get more money, more freedom, more purpose and more time.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to in your 90 days to Courage, Confidence, Killer Content… and Cash:

Personalized business and marketing coaching where we’ll dig deep to build your confidence, comfort, brand and career goals to create a killer online platform!

It kicks off with a half-day live intensive* where we’ll work one-on-one to make sure your business model, your brand and your online platform are working synergistically to build you the community and business you need to make a difference. You’ll walk out with a clear vision, mission, goals and direction for your business. I never let anyone leave without an action plan for massive online growth!

You’ll then receive six, one-hour strategy sessions via video Skype (recorded), and six additional email check-ins that will cover the following:

  • Declaring your Manifesto — What do you stand for? Who do you stand for? and Why?
  • We will develop your brand and define goals of your vision/launch.
  • We will make sure you have developed the right model for your mission.
  • We will develop one campaign for either your brand or a product, service, book or program you’re looking to launch.
  • Includes technical AND creative training in any social networks deemed necessary for the success of your campaign.
  • We will create a strategy for your message across the social platforms that are right for you, which includes killer content, high engagement and maximum impact. May include:

> List-building 101

> Blogging bliss

> Content creation

> Content frequency

> Content distribution

> Community-building 101

> Newsjacking – what it is, why it works and how to do it.

> Newsletters, Solo mailers and what is right for you.

> Public Relations 101 – how to create and attract media buzz.

> The power of photos and videos in your message

> “Let’s Get Visible” – your step-by-step confidence-building method to remarkable and memorable.

EXCLUSIVE TO THIS PROGRAM: I am available to review web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and newsletter. I will help you improve your content creation, conversation and community.

So What Does It Cost?

The inevitable question that stops some people in their tracks before they even let themselves start. Look at it this way — what amount of money is going to stop you from going after your dream? Hundreds of thousands of people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on college tuition and a degree that they do nothing with. Others spend that, get their degree and end up miserable in a “safe” job that society or their parents told them was the right thing to do.

You have finally figured out what you want to do, and know what you need to do to make it happen. So how much money is going to paralyze you? Is it the cost of three months accountability, expertise, training and adventure with me? Or are you thinking ahead to what you know in your heart you can not only make back in record time, but can make in the long run leading the life you were meant to live? Where will you stop while others keep going? What are you worth? Think about it.

But here’s the answer to the question:

Investment in Full is only $7,500 {Best Value}

* Pay in full and receive an additional 1/2 day private intensive with me, Janet Wallace (worth $1,125).

— OR —

Rebel Yell Installment Plan
Number of payments 3
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout $3,000.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2) $3,000.00 USD
Total $9,000.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Still freaked out? How about a call to talk about what it is you really want, why you’re freaking out about the cost or any other part of it? Set up your complimentary strategy session to get a taste of what your 90 days to a Bold and Bad Ass Business and Life can look like.

AVery Special Bonus
I don’t offer bonuses very often anymore. I find that they clutter the message, and ultimately dilute or devalue the core product or service being offered. However, I made ONE exception with this program.


Natalie Kling was a client of mine. She came to me needing a clear message and social marketing help for her brand and business. We worked together, laughed together and grew together for three months. Natalie manifested $10,000, went on to share the stage with David Neagle, created a successful “Eat and Grow Rich” program, and ended up moving to Hawaii to lead her dreams in even more miraculous ways.


During our work together I actually fell in love with Natalie’s mission and message. I immediately hired her to be my nutritionist. In our time together, I lost weight, balanced an abnormal thyroid and discovered that most of what I thought I knew about eating, digestion and nutrition was completely false.


Natalie taught me that energy, endurance, stamina, alertness, creativity — it’s ALL generated from our health and nutrition routines. If you are going to take this step for yourself, and charge head-on into a dynamic and intense 90-day REBEL YELL life-changing project, you must be able to go the distance, as well as tap into creativity and energy on command.


That’s why I asked Natalie to offer those who sign up for the REBEL YELL program, a one-hour complimentary consultation about how to integrate a nutrition plan into your life that works for you.


And here’s what I LOVE about Natalie — when I told her I was NOT going to give up chocolate or wine, she actually poured me a glass and spouted off a slew of chocolate ice creams, bars and other goodies that have kept me drooling since.

Her bio:


Natalie Kling is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Expert Detox Coach, and a Writer and Speaker on the powerful connection between food and creating everything you want in life.

The Art of Clean Living is a philosophy, a curriculum, and a practice. It’s about living radical concepts, serving your highest calling, and still having your chocolate too. Natalie inspires and educates people on how to cleanse their way to their best body, deepest power, highest energy, and clearest truth.

Natalie is a featured columnist for and a blogger on her own site,

She also serves as a mentor for Life Force Families, a website developed by bestselling Nutritionist Natalia Rose, dedicated to teaching parents how to raise their children within a new paradigm of health.


So Claim it. Own it. Work it. YELL it.

This is not the time to be a wallflower or shrinking violet.

There is no reason for you not to be the rock star of your industry doing exactly what you love.

Feel the confidence brewing inside you.

Let’s do this!


Questions? Click here to book a complimentary strategy session where we’ll talk about how bold & bad ass your business can be.


About Janet:

CEO of Lead Your Dreams, LLC

Designated Driver for Social Deviants

Founder of utopYA

Busy, happy and successful founder of two thriving businesses — the service-based Social Deviants social marketing and business-building consultancy; as well as the creator of the multi-day book, fan and writing event, utopYAcon and the utopYA Awards, the first-of-its-kind convention and awards ceremony for writers of paranormal YA and the fans who love them.

Previously I was a brand strategist for London-based, award-winning agency Michaelides & Bednash, working directly with clients such as Oxygen Women’s Television, Film4/Channel4 London and Elle magazine, to name a few.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to local and international groups about the power of the personal manifesto — how, in order to stand out in this very cluttered and noisy world, you must stand up for what you believe in, find your voice by using it, and lead your dreams, not follow them.

I was an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University where I lectured on Social Media for Authors, as well as being on faculty at Room to Write at Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville, TN.
I believe in doing what sounds crazy. I believe in the power of giving. Want to join me?
For more about my story and what’s holding you back, listen to the FREE recording: C2Abadassbiz