Resolution Revolution

Janet_headshot_2013_fliphorizontalAccording to the Journal of Clinical Psychology at least half of the population makes New Year’s resolutions. Half the population!

Timothy Pychyl, a professor of psychology at Carleton University in Canada, says that resolutions are a form of “cultural procrastination,” an effort to reinvent oneself. People make resolutions as a way of motivating themselves.

So why is there such a high failure rate when it comes to keeping resolutions AND and seeing them through to success?

1. Not Ready to Change — The person making the resolution is not ready to change bad habits and patterns.

2. False Hope Syndrome — The person often sets goals and expectations that are out of alignment with the person’s current state of mind (vibrational frequency), and internal view of him or herself. And often, unrealistic goals and expectations are set as way to have an “out,” a reason for not achieving success.

3. Resolution “Recidiviism” — The false belief that fixing this one aspect of life will change everything for the better, and, when it doesn’t, you fall back on old habits and ways.

In order for resolutions to stick, you must break patterns, rewire your brain, and believe you are worth the result.

Heading into 2016, I want you to be so incredibly psyched and inspired by what you can still accomplish in 2015 and by all the possibilities and your ability to GET everything you desire in 2016.

The only way to accomplish goals is to not only set the intention, but to be so clear about it, and so laser-focused on what you will do to make it happen that hurdles feel like ant hills. The only way to consistently make it happen is to practice tenacity, embrace audacity, and do what it takes with fierce devotion.

It’s time for a Resolution Revolution.

No more will you follow the crowd and declare a resolution that goes from raging fire to backburner status in a month or two when it gets tough, or inconvenient, or you get distracted or find an excuse.

No excuse will ever be as good as the story of how you did it.

What I know for sure is this: when you dedicate time, commit to a plan, subject yourself to accountability, allow in support and encouragement, you can shift your thoughts, habits and beliefs.

When you put that plan into action, practice perseverance, and remain consistent, you can accomplish any goal.

One of the biggest requests I get from clients is more Monday Mindset calls, these are calls I created for one of my courses where I found that the missing link between doing the work and getting the results you want was all in your head — getting clear on your desires, believing you deserve it, and practicing the positive. Because if your head and heart aren’t in the right place, none of the marketing stuff you do will stick. Plus, starting your week in the right frame of mind has a  huge impact on productiveness, attitude and results.

So, one of the things I’m offering is a full month of Monday Mindset calls in January 2016.

AND, I also want to add to that, the marketing, branding, and community-building pieces that help you practically create what you need to bring in the results — whether it’s sales or fans or speaking engagements or one of dozens of other outcomes.

Again, two live group calls per week in January. One focused on Mindset pieces. One focused on Action pieces. For a full month. (All calls will be recorded for replay).

While I am listing topics I will cover in the first few weeks of calls, I’d like to keep this flexible based on the needs and questions that arise from the group calls. Here are a few topics of importance in each category, but, again, the goal is to approach the calls in terms of what the group needs. We will add and amend the list as needed/requested.

How this offering differs from my six-week StandUP.StandOUT. RakeItIn course —

I am keeping these calls loosely structured based on the needs and questions of the group. There are no supplemental materials or guidebooks. These are live calls, twice a week, to keep you on track and on purpose so you end 2015 on a high note, and are already amped and armed for 2016.

Potential call topics based on current clients questions and issues are listed as follows:

Monday Mindset:
  • The Power of Positive Goal-Setting
  • How to Break Negative Patterns & Bad Habits
  • Curing Imposter Syndrome
  • The Problem with Permission
Call to Action:
  • Influencers: who are yours, how do you reach them without harassing them, and what to do once you have their ear.
  • The 1,000: How to quit thinking in terms of tens or hundreds of thousands of fans, and focus on the 1,000 most loyal to you. How to celebrate, interact and empower them to help spread your message.
  • The Difference Between Competition and Comparison
  • How to Have a Successful Launch — of a book, a service, a program, an event

These lists are subject to change as the needs of the group dictate.

The Resolution Revolution call series in  January 2016 is only $99. You get access to Janet Wallace’s live calls, a live question and answer session, a private Facebook group, and continued inspiration, motivation and encouragement. All live calls will be recorded for replay. Question and answer section of calls is not recorded for replay.

Call Dates:

January 4 – Mindset

January 6 – Action

January 11 – Mindset

January 13 – Action

January 18 – Mindset

January 20 – Action

January 25 – Mindset

January 27 – Action

That’s 8 calls over 4 weeks to keep your energy up, your passion high, and your actionable steps within reach. And you can listen to the calls again and again as needed to keep you on track throughout the year.

Monday Mindset – calls every Monday in January to help transform your thinking, elevate your mindfulness, and change negative thoughts, beliefs and habits into powerful forces at work for you.

Calls to Action – calls each Wednesday in January that will target specific elements you need and ways to accomplish each task and goal.

Also included: access to a Closed Facebook group where you can get support and feedback from each other, as well as regular check-ins from me.


Chelsea Starling, author and web designer at StarlingMagic.comARMED WITH ABILITY TO CREATE NEW INCOME STREAMS

“Before hiring Janet, I suffered from an intense dose of self-doubt due to being surrounded by family members and people who never believed in me or encouraged me. Janet’s fierce, honest, deep belief in my talents and my ability to succeed has carried me through many a dark moment since I hired her. I am able to look at myself as powerful, capable woman for the first time in my life, and it feels amazing. I no longer default to destructive thought patterns. That alone was worth the price of admission!

My time spent with Janet, her expertise in helping me set up a business that supports my dream of making a career out of novel-writing, and her ability to turn my self-defeating thoughts upside down and help me see my own gifts clearly is PRICELESS. She is an incredible human with an extraordinary gift to uplift, motivate, empower and show you a path where before there was just a tangle of barbed brambles waiting to chew you up and spit you out, scratched and bloody with no will to forge ahead.

Now that I’m armed with new ways of thinking about myself and my ability to create an income that will support my family while pursuing my dreams, I have been taking crucial steps toward building the life I desire.

I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Janet. I will continue to hire her again and again to coach me through my business life as my fortune grows. It’s crazy-awesome to be standing on the threshold of the life that I have always envisioned, and finally, I can see it as a reality rather than mere fantasy.

I am deeply grateful and blessed to be able to work with Janet. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone willing to do the work that she lays out for you. I took a huge financial and emotional risk in hiring her, and I am so incredibly glad that I did. The payoff comes each time I do the work, and grows exponentially both within my tender soul, which gains strength day by day, and in the solid business foundations I’m laying down for myself. Worth. Every. Penny.”

~ Chelsea Starling,author and web designer at

Jenny“Janet is my secret weapon. A powerhouse thinker that can elevate any brand, she starts by empowering the individuals behind them. She will startle you with her instant genius and her capacity to turn what seems like a mundane conversation into a transformative experience. I highly recommend her services – both you and your business will be forever changed for the better.”

~ Jennymarie Jemison, Creative Director / Principal at

Such a great call this morning. I am forever grateful. You are shaking up my life, and it’s causing a lot of ripples (making some days hard), but I wouldn’t change it for anything.Just wanted you to know the changes you’ve initiated in me. I only wish I’d met you in my 20s. 🙂

~ Tia Silverthorne Bach, author of Tala Prophecy Series

Janet, I want to thank you for being a positive role model, an inspiration, a resounding voice in the writing world. You bring people together and inspire epic.

Through your private calls I started kicking self-doubts and worries to the curb. Through the class, I bonded with Stacey Marie Brown and found something I’ve craved my entire life, a soul sister. Making friends has been difficult in the past, but this has been an incredible year of building true friendships with an amazing community of readers and writers.

This has also been a year of hitting milestones. The most exciting milestone happened this past April when I hit 5 figures in one month! I still can’t quite believe it.

I am living the life I always dreamed of and it’s more satisfying than I could have imagined.

I am so grateful for the positive influences in my life. I am so grateful for people like you!

Big love,

~ Nikki Jefford, author of the Spellbound Trilogy and Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series