Be a Revelationary

Revolutions start with revelations.

Before there is a movement, there’s a message.

Before there is a message, there’s a mission.

Before there is a mission, there’s a vision.

Before there is a vision, there is a burning desire to:

  • change something,
  • be something or
  • do something.

For your desire to start a movement that can revolutionize the status quo…

You must get your revelation.


Once you achieve your dreams, the only regret you risk
is that you didn’t dream bigger.


This Revelationary Session will help you:

  • ask the right questions
  • define your beliefs
  • bring the vision into focus
  • give meaning to your mission,
  • lay the foundation of your platform
  • cultivate a message that fertilizes a movement.


If you’re an epiphany junky,

if you need to reveal the truth,

if you need to find the resolve of purpose…

you need to become a revelationary.

Join me in a powerful one-on-one private experience where we’ll get to the source of your desire to be different, do good, change things, invent, innovate and shape culture.

A potent guidebook accompanies this online session (which I record for you to keep) where you will discover your superpowers, how you’ll work for the forces of good in the world, and lead your movement with a powerful message that will unite your community. 


A Game Changer
“After years of office drudgery, I found myself holding a resume full of skills and job experience that, had I been able to turn back the clock, would never have chosen for myself. I had found myself in a place I felt I did not belong, doing things dictated by others. Not fulfilling, to say the least.
I discovered Janet Wallace, and her company Social Deviants, through a writer friend of mine. Not knowing exactly what to expect, but heeding the advice of a dear and trusted friend, I decided it was time to take control of my life and schedule a one-on-one with Janet.
The experience proved to be an eye opener and a game changer.
Janet was able to ask questions that help me clarify not only how to begin building a business that would keep me passionate, but how life could keep me passionate. Seeing my own potential and choices through the eyes of this visionary person was shocking, liberating and thrilling. And I know this is just the beginning of my new, happier life.
I see Janet and Social Deviants as a resource I will benefit from over and over again as I begin a journey, honestly, I wish I had started years ago. Finding an amazing source of insight, support and direction was the kick in the pants I needed to break free and conquer the fear that has kept me tied to a paycheck. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”
Heather Stephenson, Distant Theremin


Make Sense of the Chaos

“Janet is a literal breath of fresh air.  The clarity and focus you take away will release you from all the stress you had in the first place.  What was once a jumble of thoughts, dreams or ideas will be transformed into a plan, a focus and a future – all built on a solid foundation and fueled by passion.

Not everyone can make sense of the chaos of our minds, let alone mine.  I look forward to the next session soon!  Thank you Janet for being my hero of the day!”


This is where we tear down the walls.

This is where we build the bridge from your heart to your part.

This is where we create with our senses, emotions and wisdom.

This is where YOU lead your dreams.

90 minutes together. A whole life in the making.

This is one of my most popular offers, and it normally goes for $897.

Grab it now for only $597.

You must be clear on your vision,  your mission AND your message before you embark on creating your brand, your business model and a massive movement-building campaign to launch you and your business into the iconosphere.

If you are still in the discovery and development phase of your business, this is the breakthrough you need. You will immediately feel a sense of relief and the desire to immediately take action.

Get the revelation you need so you can start your revolution. Get clear on vision, mission and message in a special, private 90-minute session.


“Janet Wallace knows her stuff. Her intensive is, in fact, intense. It is also exhilarating. She will probe, she will question, she will challenge. She will offer unique insights, perspectives, and knowledge that may otherwise take weeks or months or years of stumbling around on your own to gain. In other words, Janet can accelerate your progress and put you on a fast track toward achieving your goals. You’ll walk away with greater clarity and focus, energized and ready, as Janet says, to lead your dreams, not follow them.”

Tom Pierce, author



Deviant Wisdom

“Janet, Thank you for your deviant wisdom. I feel so much better. Thank You again for your time and expertise.”


Cindy Ciskowski,



Ask the right questions. Start now.