Meet Me in L.A. February 16 or 17, 2012

It’s winter. You’re cold. You’ve made resolutions for your life and your career.

Do they include building your online platform and presence?

Are you ready to have your social marketing, email marketing and blog work for you instead of the other way around?

Why not meet me in L.A. where it’s been even warmer than usual this winter!

I’ll be there Feb. 16 and 17 to meet with the first few people who are ready to get their online marketing in 2012 on the track to EPIC.

I’ll be hosting catered, private and group intensives in beach-side luxury suites in Santa Monica.

Here are the details:

There are two spots available for a HALF-DAY PRIVATE INTENSIVE. We’ll cover:

  • your marketing and business goals for 2012
  • clarify your branding and message
  • discuss what you’ll be launching and in what order
  • strategize the right media to achieve goals for launch
  • how to deliver the message through those channels
  • what sort of killer content you need to create



There is one spot available for a FULL-DAY PRIVATE INTENSIVE. Included:

  • everything from the half-day intensive
  • campaign creation for upcoming launch — this is the big idea that gets heads turning and people sharing
  • any social network training you need to achieve goals and strategy success outlined in our intensive
  • editorial calendar, including 5 blog or newsletter/solo mailer topics
  • additional marketing components that will complement and enhance your brand and your launch — may include offline and non-traditional media



There are four spots available for a GROUP half-day intensive.

I’ll show you how to make social media, your blog, your newsletter and your web site work for you instead of you constantly feeling like a slave to them!

I’ll pinpoint EXACTLY what you need to do daily, hourly, weekly and monthly to grow your online presence and business.

I’ll be doing personal evaluations of all your online profiles, accounts, newsletters, web sites and blogs.


If you’re still on fence about the GROUP intensive, here’s even more detail:


If you want to talk with me to discover which is right for you, please set up your complimentary call right now by emailing me at TuneIn [at]


“Janet Wallace knows her stuff. Her one-day intensive is, in fact, intense. It is also exhilarating. She will probe, she will  question, she will challenge. She will offer unique insights, perspectives and knowledge that may otherwise take weeks or months or years of stumbling around on your own to gain. In other word, a day with Janet can accelerate your progress and put you on a fast track toward achieving your goals. You’ll walk away with greater clarity and focus, energized and ready, as Janet says, to lead your dreams, not follow them.” – Tom Pierce, author


“Janet is incredibly well-versed in what she teaches, gets great results fast and is a full on hoot to work with! She comes up with great, out of the box ideas and has a way of taking things I usually find incredibly boring and making them interesting. I can’t recommend her enough.” — Jen Sincero, best-selling author and life coach