Zero to Shero in 30 Days

From time to time, women say to me, “I want what you have,” or “How did you do it so fast? I wish I could do that, too.”

Let’s get clear about what they really mean when they say “I want what you have.”

What they really mean, is I want the kind of lifestyle you have — financial independence, the travel opportunities, the abundance of time with my family, speaking events, the chance to work with people from all over the world.

This is a FAST-TRACKED online business-building program for the entrepreneur who wants it all right now!

This is an intense, high-touch, confidence, visibility and platform-building program. It’s for the brave hearts who are ready to make a difference today!

This is for the entrepreneur who:

has advanced knowledge of social networks and social marketing principles or who is a quick study

 needs to make maximum impact fast

 is clear on their vision and mission

 is ready to create the message, build the audience, create the brand and launch the business model now!

 needs to develop a campaign, program, product or service that is creative, profitable, and relevant for their audience

It kicks off with a 90-minute intro session* (via Skype or ooVoo) where we’ll work one-on-one to define how your business model, your brand and your online platform can work synergistically to build you the community and business you need and want to make a difference.

You’ll walk away with clear goals, a direction and plan for your making your business profitable!

You’ll then receive three, 30-minute phone laser-coaching sessions, and three additional email check-ins.

It ends with a 1-hour wrap-up & next steps session (via Skype or ooVoo)

–> We will develop your online brand/voice and define goals of your launch.

–> We will create a strategy for your message across the social platforms that are right for you, that includes killer content, high engagement and maximum impact.

–>  We will develop one campaign for either your brand or a product, service, book or program you’re looking to launch.

__________ Investment in Full (Best Value) $3,500 Pay in full, and I will increase the intro session to 2 full hours, and the phone sessions to 45 minutes each.

__________ Payment Plan: $2,000 in 2 monthly payments. 

EXCLUSIVE TO THIS PROGRAM: I am available to review marketing videos, two newsletters, two blog posts, one sales page, and content posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

* recorded for you to keep

CONTACT ME NOW to get started:: or 347.460.2777