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SD masculine logoPeople love the name Social Deviants the minute they hear it. They always want to know more…about the name, about the company. They have an idea of what it’s all about because the word “social” is part of it, but there’s a little mystery, and certainly they are intrigued. I’m proud of that.

I’m even more proud of the fact that Social Deviants, while participating in some marketing and social media “best practices,” never set out to honor them. Social Deviants was founded on the idea of being deviant with social media. And, it was founded for the deviants out there who don’t really get or play by the so-called social media and marketing “rules.” It was founded for people, not businesses, who want to reach others, and who want to do it with unbridled passion. It’s for people who know that their products or services can help others, and they make no apologies for wanting to increase their lives and the lives of others by selling, acting and thinking forward.

Social Deviants (SD) didn’t have a Facebook page until very recently. GASP! It’s true. SD didn’t want to be anywhere it couldn’t be. Make sense? While I grabbed a SD Twitter profile, I still tweet from my personal account because that’s where I am the most. The blog was the center of the Social Deviants universe for more than a year, and it still is really, because it was the right thing for the brand at the time.

However, SD is branching out now. I even added a Tumblr blog called Deviant Behavior to our mix of offerings. I offer something different/deviant over there. I profile people (real and imagined) who lead or had lead deviant lives — Mark Zuckerburg, Pamela Slim, Wonder Woman, Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Rosie the Riveter, Dorothy Parker, Betty Page and more. I try to make the connection between what made these figures important to what you can do in your life and business to leave your mark, as well.

My point is that in the online space, sometimes thinking differently isn’t enough. You have to think deviantly. Take your time. Be smart. Think of different ways to bring your brand to life on various networks. Make sure there’s an audience there for you to tap otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels; but definitely think of unique ways you can manifest your brand and connect with people in different locations without regurgitating the same information.

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