Social Scene

When it Comes to your Social Business
Do you Feel Like a Rebel Without a Clue??

You know your online presence is important.
After all, it's the face you show
the world.

It's like your very own movie marquee that you're hoping will make your tribe get
in line for what you're selling – whether it's a product, service, or a world-
changing idea.

You want, no, you NEED to set your social stage for awesome.

But, to be honest, your profiles and activity don't reflect who you really are
…if you're even paying attention to them at all.

When you do go online, it hogs your time …and you never seem to get much
value out of it. Where's the glamour?

And then there's trying to keep up with all the new changes on Facebook
coming along every minute. Plus all the new faces like like Pinterest, Instagram
and Google+…

…what's a self-respecting rebel to do??

Let's face it: You may be a rebel, but you don't want to be an outcast.
Social media is a great tool, but without the right connections and content,
it can feel like a great big Hollywood party everyone got invited to, except YOU.

It’s time to take a chainsaw to that velvet rope.

4 Weeks to Total Social Marketing Stardom on YOUR terms

Introducing Social Scene

With Janet Wallace of Social Deviants

Wednesdays in June 6, 13, 20, 27

I want to turn social media from a stumbling block into a soundstage for you and
your message…and an easy-to-use and profitable one at that.

Because nothing else helps you express yourself and get your unique mojo
out to the world in a such big and creative way like social marketing does. It can
make you money and connect you to amazing people. And the world needs
rebels like you.

"But it's too much work!" you cry. "It's too confusing!" (CUE MELODRAMATIC
MUSIC) Well, I have good news:

You don't need to know EVERYTHING, you just need to know the right things.
And you too can be a star.

And that's where my brand new Social Scene program comes in.

After working with dozens of clients and slyly observing what people needed
most, I designed this 4-week workshop experience to put you back in
control of your time, your message and your image online.
You’ll go you from “I can’t” to Iconic — in a month!

My private clients come from around the world, and spend thousands to get this exact kind of training in my Social Circle Intensives and private coaching programs, but NOW you can get these scene-stealing secrets from the comfort of your home.

So let's go over what I've got in store for you:

You get Five Ways to Shine
In Social Scene:

1. First, You Get my Social Media" Screen Test":

Before class even starts, I give you a full evaluation of your online presence:
your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest and more…to see how it plays.
I'll recommend customized and specific ways you can enhance your
profiles and your relationships with your audience. And I'll reveal exactly what you
need to adjust, add to or take away from the mix to make your online persona more powerful, unique
and more irresistibly and awesomely YOU.

2. Lights, camera, take action! (That's me directing you.)

I'll help you set up daily, weekly and monthly systems to streamline
your social media activity so you can amp up your star power in just minutes. It
only looks like you've got an entourage posting for you night and day. I'll show
you how to use tools like Hootsuite to gain control over all your social networks
and your time.
3. Get ready for your closeup:

Each week on a 90 minute group call, we'll get intimate with the major
social networks - Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.
I'll give you best practices for how to use it to the max right now,
and we'll look at how it's working in real life – or not— for members of the group.
We'll deal with your own examples, not theory or fluff (there's enough of that out

Live "spotlight" moments on each member of the group makes it all real
practical and do-able. You're going to get a ton of individual coaching, tips and
ideas for your own social media stardom. And you'll get at least as many "Ahas"
and tools you can use watching me work with other group participants as you will
when the spotlight's on you.

4. Your own velvet rope party: Our Private Facebook Group

In between calls, this is where you'll come to get your most burning questions
answered. Swap tips and shortcuts with your fellow group members. And build
relationships that can lead to some blockbuster new business ventures. I've
seen it happen over and over again.

5. Bonus Q&A calls, because it's all about YOU

– Show up for extra "face time" on the phone with me and ask any question you still have
about social marketing, your own unique situation or brand, or other aspects of
online business.

Classes are recorded, so you'll be able to review.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do to show up powerfully on social media
each day, while investing only a few minutes of your time.

Imagine no more social profile shame and finally stepping into the spotlight.

Imagine the love fest you'll be able to have with your followers when all your
social media stage fright and barriers have been removed!

Not to mention how much more irresistible you'll be to hordes of fresh new fans
and paying customers.

So what's the investment for all this Social Marketing Star Treatment?

Like I said above, my private clients pay me $5,000 and up to get one-on-one attention
and individual recommendations from me.

But the whole point of doing this was to make it easy for you to get back in
control and strut your way fearlessly to the social marketing walk of fame.
That’s why I’m offering all this VIP treatment for only $500.
Let me in--
I want my Social Business to be a Show Stopper!

But WAIT… I’m rolling out the red carpet for you with these awesome bonuses:

BONUS ONE – Sign up by May 31st and you will score a PRIVATE one-hour consultation with me before the course starts. That’s right. Just you and me going over every last detail of your own social media persona. This star treatment is a $450 value, yours FREE for signing up! But it’s only for people who take action before (DATE!), so don’t be camera-shy!

BONUS TWO — I’m also gifting you online access to my $497 Facebook Gold Rush course! This class was a big hit last fall. It shows you step-by-step exactly how to get the get the most bang out of Facebook, with examples, videos and screenshots. You’re going to love it! (But this bonus goes away on May 31st so hurry!) And..I’ve gotten my fave biz experts to give you some love, too!

BONUS THREE – 1 hour with Award-Winning Copywriter Lisa Rothstein Are your words communicating what’s unique about you, so you’re not “just another (your profession here) “? In this fun and fast-paced 1-hour creative strategy session, Lisa Rothstein, former Madison Avenue Creative Director and copywriter on brands like Hanes, IBM and Acuvue, will look at your current communication and brainstorm what to say about your products, programs, causes and more to make YOU stand out in a crowd.

What is it worth to you to finally get a clue about your brand, your marketing and your message so you can be the rebel you were meant to be?? Hurry, to get your bonuses you must register by May 31st! Questions? Email TuneIn[at] with yours.

500 Facebook Likes in Two Weeks!

“Janet Wallace completely revamped my entire approach to social media, and generates amazing results. By following 1 strategy of hers, I was able to get 100 new Twitter followers in 3 days. She helps me integrate social media strategies with my current service based business that has had instant results in building my platform and expanding my brand. She is definitely one of the smartest and most creative people I know in the industry. With her personable, and adaptable teaching style, along with extensive knowledge and experience, she comes up with a tailor made action plan for your specific business. Her ability to be constantly in tune with her clients allows her to stay 3 steps ahead of you, always anticipating your needs. I highly recommend her if you are looking to expand your business, get new clients and grow your list through social media.”

Gina DeVee, International Success Coach


Over 2,100 New Names Added to Email List in One Month!

“Janet Wallace kicks some major FB butt – she helped me get over 450 new Likes on my page in less than 2 weeks, and over 500 names on my email list in a matter of days, and we’re still climbing steadily. She’s loaded with brilliant ideas, actually makes social media fun and easy, and is a total hoot to work with.”

Jen Sincero, Best-selling Author


“I can’t believe how much I learned about social media in such a short time that was specifically relevant for growing my unique business. Using Janet’s suggestions, I doubled my Facebook Page likes in less than 3 weeks and drove over 600 new subscribers to my list in 2 weeks for one promotion — something I have never done before. Working with Janet has been an amazing investment that I will recoup many times over.”
Jill Hope,