I’ve created and spoken at sold-out live events and conferences. I’ve been a keynote speaker at universities. I have participated in educational panels at conferences and festivals. I have shared the stage with leaders of industry. I have been honored to lead workshops for spiritual centers for women.

There is no stage too big or too small for ideas and dialogue that can motivate an audience into action. I am always honored to be asked, even if I can’t always say ‘yes’ to the hosts. We were put on this planet to share ideas, inspire action and push the human race forward. I am blessed that I get the opportunities to do that.


Revolutions start with Revelations

Truly empowered and inspired movements that captivate, penetrate and change the hearts and minds of others do not start with revolutions. They start with revelations. To create movements in your life, your business or in the world, you must get clear and assert what you believe.

Though sometimes considered revolutionary, manifestos, at their core, reveal truths, state principles and provoke dialogue. Powerful manifestos can spark debate or dialogue, and ultimately create movements for change.

In this powerful talk, I share the power of manifestos through history and personal stories. I discuss how an idea can become a mission…a mission can become a message and a message can become a movement that changes the world…or a neighborhood. Take the reins of your true dreams and desires within to create a better world for yourself and others.


To see if I’m available for your next event, please submit your inquiry to TuneIn [at] theSocialDeviants [dot] com. Let me know what the date of your event is, and why you think I’d be a good fit for your group or event.