StandUP. StandOUT. RakeItIn: Home Study Course for Writers

Welcome to StandUP.StandOUT.RakeItIn: a 12-module home study course for writers who want to make a difference, make their mark, and make a damn-good living.

Look, you know you were put on this planet to bring all the worlds, experiences, and stories in your head and heart to life on the pages of books. You know this because the thought of not getting your book out there is something you don’t even want to think about. You can’t let another year go by without making this happen.

You know all of this, but you’re stuck. You haven’t been able to move the needle in awhile, if at all, and you’re wondering if maybe you were really meant to be a writer or if you’re going to be able to keep up with all the changes in this breakneck-speed industry.

Here’s a quick checklist. Take a look. Do you find yourself checking any of these off?

___ You have no author brand, no idea what that is, or how to make one.

___ Your online marketing isn’t working like it used to.

___ Your social networks aren’t working together to find new fans.

___ You feel like you’re talking to the same people over and over.

___ You feel like you’re only reaching your fellow authors and friends instead of the right audience.

___ You’re doing what works for other authors, but it isn’t working for you.

___ You’re not even sure what to say sometimes online, or perhaps you feel like a broken record or like you’re begging for sales.

___ You know your book(s) would inspire and captivate the reader…if only they knew about it…if only there was a way to avoid cookie-cutter book marketing.

___ You don’t know how to keep interest in you and your books between releases.

___ You know social media and talking to your audience is important, but you can barely find the time to write, much less be online for hours on end.

___ Your sales drop between books, but you want to do this for a living and need for your sales to be consistent or better yet — increase.

___ Your sales have dramatically dropped due to new delivery systems and customer options (KDP Unlimited), and you don’t know how to make up for the loss.

___ You feel overwhelmed because it’s becoming harder and harder to find and KEEP loyal fans when new authors are flooding the market every day.

___ You feel massive pressure to deliver more books faster but at higher quality than ever before just so you can stay relevant and not forgotten by your readers.

___ The strain is taking its toll on your relationships, on your physical well-being and on your mental and spiritual strength. You want to take a break and get back to writing for fun, but you feel like if you stop, even for a short time, you’ll get left behind.

___ You want to be able to live your life as a full-time writer, traveling to signings, conferences, and speaking events. You want more freedom to travel, inspire your children, impress your spouse or family and live the life you know you were meant to live.

Any of these sound familiar?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you’re way past due to make serious changes to how you are currently thinking and doing things. It’s time for a positive, healthy and results-driven writing career.

Let go of the “backup plan.” You can’t move forward if one foot is stuck in a place where you “think it’s safe,” but really it’s just holding you back from gaining ground. It’s time to forge ahead with your talents and share them with the right people so that you can inspire, share and grow. It’s time for you to put all the missing pieces together FOR GOOD, so that you can make the income you need and have the confidence and knowledge to know that you can do so again and again.


In the StandUP Home Study Course, you will receive two audio recordings per week, which are accompanied by practical application exercises to help you make lasting change.

One of the weekly audio recordings focuses solely on the business of being an author and how to increase your fans and sales though inspired marketing and brand influence; the other of the weekly recordings focuses entirely on mindset — you will dig deep into your relationship with money, time, yourself, your environment, your community and how you can turn fear into fuel to set your life ablaze. Because, the bottom line is, if your mind isn’t in the right place, none of the marketing stuff will stick. #Truth

Learn how to design the impactful brand, platform and life you desire through the power of knowing what it is you want, what you believe in and why.

Discover the secret few truly know about how you can really stand out online & in life.

Understand how and when to find, lift, and share your voice through captivating content – whether it’s simply a status update, or prose, video and photos that create the NOT BORING story of you, your books and how you can help others.

Walk away each and every call with actionable items that you can implement NOW for your authorly life that helps you use your powers for good AND still build your bank account. Get your spiritual and mental self in alignment with the business needs of you and your family.

Take advantage of a Social Deviant whose 20 years in the marketing, promotions, live event, digital, advertising and entertainment worlds landed her multi-six and seven-figure creative clients, C-level contacts, A-List authors…and free booze (that’s me, in case you were wondering).

Get access for life to a private Facebook group to share, ask questions, and collaborate.

Just as you become a better writer with every book you release, mastery takes compulsive, habitual, repetitive passion. You taking this class shows your commitment to your long-term mastery, and you get to do it at the times that work for you.

You’ll finally “get it.” You’ll understand how to create a powerful brand, voice and message that builds on itself over and over.

You will understand how to truly grow your community, and have fun doing it.

You will get 12 individual class modules created to get you immediate results with long-term impact on your mindset and future packed into six weeks for better retention and quicker results with an experienced live coach who is with you every step of the way.

You pay only $199


Class schedule and content is as follows:

CLASS ONE: Make Peace with your Desires — Is it bad for you to want what you want? Do you feel guilty for going after your dream of being a writer? Should you get a better paying job and take care of yourself and/or your family instead? This call will give you the warts-and-all truth about the road you are choosing to take…or not. *****DESIRE infographic included in class materials*****

CLASS TWO: The Power of a Personal Manifesto in Directing and building your movement — I’ll walk you through my popular and massively successful formula for creating a manifesto that attracts raving fans and immediately impacts your influence and online marketing effectiveness.

CLASS THREE: Your Money Mindset — What is your relationship like with money? What beliefs are truly your own, and which are the ones passed down from parents and friends? On this call, you’ll learn how to create a healthy relationship with money and discover how it’s more important than a well-sculpted book boyfriend to your happily ever after. *****PERSONAL EVALUATION OF YOUR WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS included in class materials.*****

CLASS FOUR: Lessons in Leadership & Movement Marketing — How to use your manifesto to empower and influence others into action not “for” you, but “with” you to grow your movement, influence and your income.

CLASS FIVE: Your Relationship with Time — Discover the relationship between time and energy, kick procrastination and perfectionism in the shins and blast forward with your writing goals. I’ll share the insight, skills and tips you need to master time. You’ll have more time to write, for marketing and for fun.

CLASS SIX: Ideal Buyer Breakdown — Want to zero in on who will really buy your books? Want to know who will talk about you and your books all over the interwebs with no incentives necessary? Don’t miss this class, where I’ll teach you the formula for tapping the golden market for YOU. *****IDEAL BUYER/FAN DOSSIER Included in class materials ******

CLASS SEVEN: What’s Your GratiTude? — This call focuses on your gratitude meter. How in tune with gratitude are you? You’d be surprised the baggae people carry around about this topic. Do you harbor secret guilt, shame or mistrust of graciousness and thanks? Find out in this class how to surrender, trust and pay forward your blessings. It will blow your mind how this one simple mindset adjustment can skyrocket you to abundance.

CLASS EIGHT: Using Social Media to Build Your Community & Sell Your Books — If your social media isn’t working for you like it used to or like you know it should, this class module is for you! How do you build followers for multiple genres? How do you create a cohesive, fun and out-of-the-box campaign for your books that targets your ideal audience without busting your budget or spending 20 hours a day online? How do you create unique content that converts browsers to repeat buyers of your books? Tune in because I’ll be sharing how your approach to social media might not be enough, and how to easily remedy that based on a simple check list and process.

CLASS NINE: The Importance of Self-care to your Success — This call may be one of the most vital in this entire program. What version of YOU are you showing your partner, family, friends, kids? The drained martyr who sacrifices her blood, sweat & tears for table scraps or the graceful, empowered woman who knows the importance of balance in creating the life of your dreams. On this call, you’ll learn the power of “yes,” and the power of “no,” the myth of work-life balance, and how to be the role model you want to be for your kids, loved ones and others out there who wish to follow your lead.

CLASS TEN: Your Cloak of Visibility — This is probably one of the BIGGEST areas of struggle for the often shy writers. On this call you’ll learn how to elevate your status from invisible wallflower to leader of your genre’s pack. You’ll discover the secret to building confidence and creating an author brand that wows your crowd. I’ll share with you Social Marketing Content that you can easily create that will catapult you into the hearts of your tribe.

CLASS ELEVEN: How to Keep Your Motivation, Thoughts & Energy UP…every day — In this final mindset recording, I’ll share with you how to keep the good times rolling well beyond the end of the course. I’ll share revealing, fun and practical ways to turn the intangible dream into your real life. You’ll walk away knowing how to destroy the doubt demons, recognize your own BS, and keep your spirits and head high.

CLASS TWELVE: The Power of Tribe to Thrive — I will share with you the final community-building puzzle piece you need for dream life-building massive success — the right ways to empower and connect with your audience, how to ask for the support you need, how to give the right value back to them, and how to silence forever that little voice in your head that screams “Run before they discover you’re a fraud!” In addition, I’ll answer the questions: “What do I do when I’m criticized, when I get bad reviews, or get hit with online negativity?”

You pay only $199 



janet_headshot_front_2014jpgSerial entrepreneur, Janet Wallace is the founder of several thriving ventures: Social Deviants, a social marketing company that helps creative entrepreneurs build online business platforms that profit; utopYA, an annual writing conference and awards ceremony that nurture and celebrate writers of young adult and new adult fiction; and Next Chapter Writers Retreat, invitation-only retreats for best-selling authors looking to breakthrough the next barrier in their career. Janet has a passion for people, books, and dark chocolate-covered almonds. She uses her expertise to help clients grow powerful communities and create top-of-mind brand recognition and authority. She hosts events and speaks regularly to local, national and international groups about how to effectively attract raving fans, loyal clients and increase sales while building businesses of purpose using your powers for good. Previously a brand strategist for a London-based, award-winning agency, Janet has worked directly with clients such as Oxygen Women’s Television, Film4/Channel4 London, Elle magazine, Gina DeVee, and Jen Sincero, and dozens of New York Times best-selling authors. She’s been an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University where she lectured on Social Media for Authors. She currently lives in Nashville with her husband, two children, two dogs, and one cat. Oh, and now the boy wants a pig. 

dsc_0089“Working on a career (no matter what it is) means a marathon instead of a sprint. I’m glad to say that the StandUP course helped me see that as well as learn how to set goals for myself. It is truly an investment in yourself! Janet gave us great ideas on how to reach new customers, as well as strengthen relationships with old ones. The mindset calls made a much bigger impact than I ever expected, which allowed me to think about what I truly wanted out of my career and how to stay sane doing it. If you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed, this course is a great way to not only get motivated, but get inspired, too.” ~ Liz C. Long, author

stacie_wilson“I have to tell you that yesterdays call Rocked. My. World.  In a huge way.  There was a time that I understood some of the things that we discussed and practiced it.  I felt gratitude for the things in my life and more wonderful things kept happening.  Last summer was a perfect example of that with everything that started happening with my desire to be a writer and use my voice.  Shortly after that, I lost sight of my gratitude.  Life had been beating me down and I hadn’t even realized until yesterday just how much I was allowing that to block me.  I was saying ‘I can’t’ on an almost daily basis rather than ‘How can I?’  I couldn’t figure out why I was struggling with my manifesto and putting on paper what I really want.  After the call yesterday I figured it out.  My fear over losing more than I thought I already had was blocking me.  My fear over not being “allowed” to have my deepest dreams and desires was paralyzing me.  I stayed up late last night mulling it all over and it wasn’t easy.  I had to really face the person I was allowing myself to be, a shell of the real me that had taken over. So, the point of all this is: Thank you for your message.  Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge.  Thank you for being part of the catalyst that is lighting a fire back under me.  For the first time in a very long time I feel like I am waking up and daring to dream again.  For that, I am extremely grateful. ” ~ Stacie Wilson, author of MYST