StandUP. StandOUT. Rake It In.


YOU said:

You want to STAND OUT from the crowded marketplace.

You want a BOLD BRAND.

You want to FIND YOUR VOICE and have it be HEARD.

You want to create CONTENT that CONVERTS.

You want to attend an online “course of action” once a week for 4 weeks.

You want someone who shoots straight, talks in terms you understand, and has the experience and results to back it up.

Then YOU said: 

You DON’T WANT to pay an arm and a leg for it either. You even picked the price point you are willing to pay to…

Learn how to design the business and life you desire through the power of knowing what it is you want, what you believe in and why

Discover the myth behind what people push as “authenticity,” and how you can really stand out online & in life

Understand how and when to find, lift, and share your voice through captivating content – whether it’s simply a status update, or prose, video and photos that create the NOT BORING story of you and how you can help others

Walk away with an action plan that you can implement NOW for your brand and business that helps you use your powers for good AND still build your bank account

Take advantage of a Social Deviant whose 20 (cough * cough) years in the marketing, promotions, live event, digital, advertising and entertainment worlds landed her multi-six and seven-figure creative clients, C-level contacts and free booze (that’s me, in case you were wondering).

… and you’ll do all of this for the profit and awesome of your own biz

I’m not into long sales pages, so I’m going to cut to the chase.

This is NOT some fly-by-night mastery course on how to become a rock star. Mastery takes compulsive, habitual, repetitive passion. You taking this class shows your commitment to the long-term mastery.

This IS your chance to turn “I can’t” into iconic for you.

You’ll finally “get it.” You’ll understand how to create a powerful brand, voice and message that builds on itself over and over.

You will understand how to truly grow your community, and have fun doing it.

And what I promise you is this — I will shoot straight. I will explain, to the best of my ability, the formula for making this happen. I will answer every question with open ears and open heart.

So, what’s the price point you told me you were willing to pay for the breath of fresh air in your marketing?


But guess what? That’s right, it’s obligatory promotion time.

Sign up by March 1, and take $50 off the price!

Grab it for only $347 


But wait, you wanna know the class schedule and content, right?

Class schedule and content is as follows. Again, the hour selected was done so by YOU! Thank you for all your help in putting this fun class together.

Week One: The Power of Your Personal WoManifesto Monday, March 10  12 PM Central

Revolutions start with revelations. This class focuses on the heart of your matter. It will help you:

–> ask the right questions
–> define your beliefs
–> bring the vision into focus
–> give meaning to your mission,
–> lay the foundation of your platform
–> cultivate a message that fertilizes a movement.

Week Two: The Myth of Authenticity  Monday, March 17  12 PM Central

Authenticity is such an overused industry term. And what does it really mean anyway?

You’ll discover the real secret to creating an audacious brand.

Week Three: How to Find & Use YOUR Voice with Creative Content that Capitvates & Converts  Monday, March 24  12 PM Central

In this class: The confidence thing, the creativity thing, and the cash thing — how to finally master all of them…and alliteration, apparently.

–> You’ll learn how to use photos, images & video to blow away the competition and lift your brand above the crowd.
–> You’ll get clear on what true confidence looks like, what your brand should feel like, and how to share valuable information without giving away the farm.
–> You will discover how to create consistent content that generates more likes, comments and shares across all networks.

Week Four: How to StandUP, StandOUT, MoveFORWARD, CreateAWESOME  Monday, March 31  12 PM Central

This final class focuses on the future: Sustainability. Evolution. Consistency. Sheroism. Service.

How do you keep the pipeline full of clients?

How do you avoid complacency and stagnation with your brand?

How do you stay relevant and valuable to your ever-expanding audience over the long term?

How do you use your powers for good?

In this final class, we will pull it all together for the life and prosperity of your business.

All of this for only $397

ONLY $347 if you purchase by March 1st!


Allison“Hi Janet!
I just wanted to thank you for a remarkable year.DailyOutfit’s likes are up to 1500+ and reader engagement on the blog is up 31% since the summer.Given everything that has been going on this year, it is amazing that I’ve been able to accomplish so much. You helped me engineer this and I want you to know how much I appreciate it! Thank you!” ~ Allison Hamilton-Rohe: Personal Style Strategist,



462248_10150595596477924_651054942_o“Janet brings a combo of a solid marketing background and her own “deviant” wickedness to her clients’ businesses. She inspires them to use their businesses not just to make a living but to make some waves — to express themselves and promote their values in the world. If you dream of leading your own movement –no matter how quirky or offbeat — Janet will help you find and inspire your tribe.” ~ Lisa Rothstein: President, Creativity to Cash