StandUP Indies: Part Two

1 Big Dream. 5 Weeks of Massive Action.


This advanced, five-week course, takes everything you learned in the StandUP.StandOUT.RakeItIn class and laser focuses it on one single goal.

You now have the deep background pieces that help you keep your head and heart in the game and your marketing on track. BUT, you are ready to take what you’ve learned and apply it to a SPECIFIC desire.

In the StandUP Indies course, you identified your bad habits and negative beliefs that were holding you back from being who you truly want to be and keeping you from what you truly desire and now know you deserve.

It’s time to apply the mindset and marketing pieces to a specific goal, so that in only five weeks, you can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

What is that one goal you want to accomplish before the end of 2015?

  • Is it losing 10 pounds?
  • making $5,000 extra dollars?
  • getting your dream job?
  • adding 1,000 names to your email list?
  • creating an exercise routine that sticks?
  • booking a dream trip?
  • meeting that special someone?
  • writing or publishing a book?
  • hitting a best-seller list?


Everything you learned in the StandUP Indies course has prepared you for this. It’s time for kicking excuses to the curb, banishing the doubt demons, and taking massive action NOW. You can achieve the seemingly impossible. It’s time to think BIG and play BIG. Go BIG or go home they say. This is THE BIG TIME.

The course starts MONDAY, October 19th.

Every Monday you’ll have a 60-minute group coaching session with me where I’ll present that week’s topic, and I’ll answer your questions live on the phone (I’ll answer as many as I can in the time allowed). You’ll also be able to submit your questions before the calls via email.

Calls are every MONDAY at 7 AM Pacific/ 9 AM Central/ 10 AM Eastern/ 2 PM GMT:

October 19 — Declaring your goal. Discover how to dig deep, and  turn your desire into an action plan. You will also learn how to root your future in the present tense. Finally, you will create an achievement production calendar.

October 26 — Turn your bs into fertilizer. Turn your negative beliefs and actions into potent, high-frequency ammunition by creating positive habits and routines.

November 2 — Perserverance Programming. Time to evaluate your progress and amp up your mind, methods and meaning.

November 9 — Comparison vs. Competition. It’s time to set the record straight about what is and is not healthy about competition, comparison and judgments. It’s time to confront what is really going on, and understand how to overcome jealousy, envy and negativity. This piece is crucial to being able to allow yourself to truly go for what you want.

November 16 — Expansion. Transformation. Abundance. The victory meter. Tools for the future.


ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED, and will be hosted for 7 days on a private link. Supplemental worksheets provided. Private Facebook group for ongoing support.

If you’ve let yourself backslide in creating the lifestyle you want and accomplishing your goals…

If you’re ready to apply the mindset and marketing pieces to a specific new goal…

If you need positive accountability and support that only this kind of environment can supply…

If the doubt and lack and fear has crept back into your heart and mind…

Then you’re ready for the BIG Time. 1 Desire. 5 Weeks to Get it.

Only $299


Or grab the BIG TIME UPGRADE to secure private strategy and coaching with me, Janet Wallace. In addition to the group tele-course, you’ll get one, 55-minute private call where I will answer your specific questions, generate customized ideas, and strategize best scenarios for achieving your one goal (must be used during course calendar).

Big Time Upgrade Only $399


It’s time to turn lack into luxury, to turn passion into influence and leadership, to turn vision into action. It’s time for results. It’s the The BIG Time.


janet_headshot_front_2014jpgSerial entrepreneur, Janet Wallace is the founder of several thriving ventures: Social Deviants, a social marketing company that helps creative indie-preneurs build online business platforms that profit; UTOPiA, an annual writing conference and awards ceremony that nurture and celebrate writers of middle grade, young adult and new adult fiction; and Next Chapter Writers Retreat, invitation-only retreats for best-selling authors looking to break through to the next level in their careers. Janet has a passion for people, books, and dark chocolate-covered almonds. She uses her expertise to help clients grow powerful communities and create top-of-mind brand recognition and authority. She hosts events and speaks regularly to local and international groups about how to effectively attract raving fans, loyal clients and increase sales while building businesses of purpose using your powers for good. Previously a brand strategist for a London-based, award-winning agency, Janet has worked directly with clients such as ooVoo, Oxygen Women’s Television, Film4/Channel4 London, Elle magazine, Gina DeVee, and Jen Sincero, to name a few. She has also been an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University where she lectured on Social Media for Authors. She lives in Nashville with her husband, two children, two Shepherd-lab mixes, and one American Curl cat. Oh, and now the boy wants a pig.

“I was asked to sign for 2 hours at the Vegas valley book festival as a vendor. I was so thrilled. Like, holy skittles they like me thrilled. When I got to my table it was way back in a tiny little nook of a space, well off the beaten path. Pre-StandUp Mindy would have taken it personal and wondered what I did for “them” not to like me. Post-standup Mindy grabbed hold of her mission statement, reviewed her core values and started targeting her ideal fans. One of my core values is fun. The husband went and bought me three $10 amazon gift cards and I started targeting my readers via social media. Five or ten minutes after the first “come find me win an amazon gift card” summons went out, I had sold two books and five minutes after that the third amazon card went with three copies of Enchanted Heart. A steady stream of readers came searching for me and at the end of the two hours: seventeen hard copies were sold, 12 Ebooks were bought on the spot and I met a new raving 17 yo fan who fought her mom to have her name in the personalized autograph. All of this to say, I *KNOW* the success of today would not have happened without Stand up, Janet , and my SUI girls. ❤ you guys!” Mindy Ruiz, winner of best debut book of the year 2015 at the Fourth Annual UTOPiA Awards