Free Training Call: The Marketing & Mindset Keys Every Author Must Master to Live the Life of their Dreams

the Marketing & Mindset Elements Every Creative Indie-preneur Must Master for long-lasting success


The winds of change are blowing once again. The signs have been there for awhile, and now we are seeing the results of a massive shift in the entrepreneurial landscape. It’s an exciting time for those who know what to look for, what it all means, and how to maximize it for their clients.

For those not fully prepared for the new entrepreneurial culture, there have been alarming results.

I have worked the last 20+ years in marketing, advertising and event creation and promotion. The past few years of which have been laser-focused on the growing entrepreneurial landscape. What I’ve discovered has been mind-blowing.

At the beginning of 2014, I decided to figure out why I was seeing glaring and gaping differences in levels of success out there between those blowing past six figures, hitting best-seller lists, or living lives of financial freedom in record time and those who were still struggling despite “doing all the same things” that the successful people were doing.

I read through mountains of research and conducted personal interviews with dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs from all over the world. The results were staggering.

If you are struggling in your business despite following the coaching and formulas, it may be because you’re missing this vital insight into what’s happening in the creative, DIY landscape out there.

If you know you have what it takes, but haven’t been able to move the needle in the right direction in awhile and desperately need to get unstuck so you can serve your community, leave your mark on the world and make a good living while doing it, then I invite you to join me for two special FREE calls:

Call # 1 Thursday, August 7, 2014
10 AM Pacific / 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern

Discover on the FREE call:

  • The vital differences between being an entrepreneur and an indie-preneur and how it could effect your business and bottom line
  • The 3 catalysts of the Indie-preneur revolution and what they mean for you.
  • THE 6 DEVIANT MARKETING ELEMENTS every indie-preneur must master for six-figure success…over and over again.

Call #2: Thursday, August 14, 2014
10 AM Pacific / 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern

Discover on the FREE call:

  • Why your mindset is as vital as your marketing acumen for consistent clarity, confidence and success
  • Why you keep getting stuck and what to do to get unstuck for good
  • THE 6 DEVIANT MINDSET ELEMENTS every indie-preneur must master to lead a life of your dreams
 Thursday, August 21 2014
10 AM Pacific / 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern

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  • Will you really have the success this time?
  • You’re a  _(insert your creative passion here)_. Is this class really right for you? Do you fit into the indie-preneur segment I talked about on the calls?
  • What’s the difference between the group class and the upgraded private time with Janet?

Get these questions answered and hear the REAL results former students have gotten.

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janet_headshot_front_2014jpgFounder of two thriving businesses, Social Deviants, a social marketing company that helps creative entrepreneurs build online business platforms that profit, and utopYA, an annual writing conference and awards ceremony that both celebrate writers of young adult and new adult fiction, Janet Wallace has a passion for marketing and dark chocolate-covered almonds. She uses her expertise to help clients grow powerful communities and create top-of-mind brand recognition and authority.

She hosts events and speaks regularly to local, national and international groups about how to effectively attract raving fans, loyal clients and increase sales while building businesses of purpose using your powers for good. Previously a brand strategist for a London-based, award-winning agency, Janet has worked directly with clients such as ooVoo, Oxygen Women’s Television, Film4/Channel4 London and Elle magazine to name a few. She has also been an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University where she lectured on Social Media for Authors. She is currently on the board of women’s entrepreneurship group, Allies in Biz, and lives in Nashville with her husband and two children.

 Deviant Results

LauraHoward“I have been asked a lot what made the difference in my sales since last summer. I started thinking about it, retracing my steps. I think it all started when you asked me my goal for the year. At that point I was selling maybe 5 books a day and I said by 2015 I’d like to be selling 20 books a day. You told me very matter of factly that it was easily attainable. I don’t think I believed in myself until that moment. But you believed I could, and that changed everything! I soon reached and blew past that goal. All because I started believing I could… So Thank you for giving me that gift.” ~ Laura Howard, author of the Danaan Trilogy


Anna Cruise, author“A huge, HUGE thank you. I am feeling refreshed, reenergized and refocused. And, above all, I am feeling hopeful.” ~ Anna Cruise, author




Lisa Rothstein: President, Creativity to Cash“Janet brings a combo of a solid marketing background and her own “deviant” wickedness to her clients’ businesses. She inspires them to use their businesses not just to make a living but to make some waves — to express themselves and promote their values in the world. If you dream of leading your own movement –no matter how quirky or offbeat — Janet will help you find and inspire your tribe.” ~ Lisa Rothstein: President, Creativity to Cash


Devri Walls, author“There are many people who claim to be able to advise you on how to get more sales, but they all tell you the same thing; blog, get on twitter, get on Facebook, etc. Although Janet doesn’t disregard that those mediums are important, she thinks bigger, better and out of the box. Her suggestions were ones I had never even thought of, and a few that I really should have. I couldn’t write fast enough to take it all down. It was a breath of fresh air to hear new, inventive, plausible ideas, instead of the same old things that just aren’t working. I would recommend Janet to anyone!” ~ Devri Walls, author