Summer Special

Summer check list:

  • Sweet tea
  • June bugs
  • Fireflies
  • Hot summer nights
  • Long summer days
  • Swimming
  • YOUR DREAM…yeah that one…the one that always rears its head during the summer when you’re nostalgic for that time in your life where you were full of dreams and not so tied down with obligations and commitments.

I’m knocking $500 off the price of my full-day intensives in June. Buy a full-day intensive in the month of June and use it before the end of summer (Labor Day).

Now is the time to make one of those dreams come true. Gather around a bonfire of sparkling promises. Now is the time to say a little prayer, open up your heart and gift yourself with No Regrets.

Enjoy a full day dedicated to you, your dream and a plan to bring it to fruition…where it bears fruit and makes you happier than you thought you deserved. It’s not too late.
Carpe diem. Hell, carpe annum. Seize the summer. Seize your dream.
Let me help you create that “thang” that catapults your spirit and your mission.
I help people from all over the world:
  • create the businesses of their dreams, where they set their own schedules, spend more time with friends and family, have more time to play and help more people than they thought possible.
  • create and build online platforms and brands that penetrate the heart of their audience through clear messages, creative communication and meaningful, two-way conversations.
  • unearth the epiphany they need to move through whatever is holding them back.
  • turn fear into unbridled passion and purpose through mentorship, accountability, mindset shifting and confidence building by demystifying the process by which anyone can achieve thriving lifestyles doing what they love.

My full day intensives cost $2,250. But for the month of June, it will only cost you $1,750 to create a blueprint for your dream.

Make this summer better than the one when you were 9…or 16…or 25. Make this the one that launches your future memories into EPIC.

Get it Done!

“Janet Wallace is all about energy and action.
If Nike hadn’t nabbed it first, her tagline would be, “Just do it!” With the “do” in italics.
I worked with Janet over several months. She helped me clarify my brand, define a service offering, build a platform and get up and out there. None of which would have happened had she not been on hand urging me onward and upward.
Icing on the cake – and this is a lot of icing – her sense of clarity, her sense of humor, and
her kind heart.
Talk to Janet. You’ll get it done.”
— David Paine, Rebranding for Gay Late Bloomers,