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Facebook Ads Work!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Dear Non-believers,

As a marketer and advertiser, I must inform you about the joys of using advertising like Facebook Ads and Google’s AdWords. Unlike print media, TV or radio, Facebook Ads and AdWords give you the ability to directly target a specific audience. It is truly a marketers dream come true! No more do you have to wonder if your message is getting seen by the right people, or if anyone is even paying attention to you ads.

With Facebook and Google’s platforms easily accessible to advertisers and marketers, not only can you pinpoint the audience you are trying to reach, but you can also see how many people clicked through, joined your page, and (if you have your Google Analytics funnels set up properly) when a consumer purchases what you’re selling. I know what you’re thinking – it can’t be true! But it is. I can testify to you that on the ad campaigns I’ve worked on, I’ve seen up to a 400% increase in “fans” on Facebook in 24-hours. I’ve also seen sales increase by 25-30% in 24-hours. Now THAT’s results!

The best part is, you can monitor the results of your campaigns hourly. If you notice one ad picking up while the others are lacking, you can evaluate the differences, adjust the campaigns, and see virtually instant results.

I have noticed that you should wait until one 24-hour cycle is completed. As indicated by recent research, most Facebook users in the USA use the platform between 7pm EST-12pm EST. Therefore, if you change the ad during the day you may not see results until that night. There are also days where Facebook use peaks – so be on the lookout for events (think Olympics, VMAs, etc.) that promote using Facebook that might affect your results.

Sadly, I’m not getting paid by anyone to tell you the good news. I’m just the messenger. If you do decide to move forward with Facebook and/or Google advertising, I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to hearing about your endeavors and successes!

Best wishes,

Taylor Vick
Your Social Deviant

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Marketing Mixology

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Fellow Social Deviant, Taylor Vick, and I met with a business associate, Celeste Rains of Flying Otter Marketing, at local hot spot The Patterson House, Nashville’s answer to the mixology rage sweeping the nation. It is a dimly-lit and not very air conditioned lounge in a historic house where drinks cost between $10 and $15 a pop, but which create a flavor explosion in your mouth proving that chemistry and alcohol DO mix.

Trying hard to sip, not gulp, our concoctions (to stretch the flava AND the dolla), Celeste brought up a good observation about new clients. Sometimes people assume that because you do one part of the industry that you also do another — like assuming that because you work in social media, that you also know graphic design or how to build a web site. That would be like asking a plumber to re-roof your house. Use a specialist. we use teams of them ourselves.

Another topic that came up was that because social media is the flavor-of-the-month, it seems that people think that social media is marketing, when in fact it is merely one ingredient in the marketing cocktail shaker, which includes public relations, promotions, advertising, brand strategy and more.

Like a mixologist, companies and individuals need to find the right recipe for them. Maybe these tips can help:

1. Experiment — seek out the new and undiscovered ingredients (marketing tools) and don’t be afraid to add them to your mix.

2. Test — Do a (taste) test with select and trusted employees, friends, family or beta testers to see how people like it.

3. Surprise Us — As familiar as consumers like to be with products and services, they get bored with traditional promotions.

4. Find Balance — Don’t put everything on the shoulders of the social media department. There is such a thing as too much sugar. Use press, advertising in the right amounts to help reach more new eyes, ears..and mouths.

5. Party — Launch with confidence. Be the center of attention. Enjoy your hard work.

6. Act Responsibly — Tip your bartender (thank your team and your customers for making you a success), leave with the one who brung ya…and never drink (or text!) and drive.

Add your recipe below — for marketing or drinks…we like both.



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