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How You Do One Thing Is NOT How You Do Everything

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

sk8er girl by Roberta Tocco

You see it everywhere. You know the quote: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” I call bullshit. I don’t write books the way I read them. You probably don’t cook or garden the way you clean house or nurture your spirituality or follow football.

Here’s a case in point. I am crap at an exercise routine. I’m crap at a blog writing routine. Does that mean that because I am not disciplining myself enough in those areas that I lack discipline in all areas — like say, parenting my child?

When I set my mind to something, I am full-f**king-throttle. Nothing can stop me. Nothing can distract me. I am so in the zone. My ideas are flowing like water off a duck’s ass. It’s ridiculous how blinders on, laser-focused, adrenaline-laced I can be.

I’m crap at those other things because I haven’t made them a priority…clearly. You can say that something is important, but you can truly tell when something is or isn’t. It falls through the cracks, down the list, shoved to the backburner. That doesn’t mean squat to how you treat everything.

Enough with the blanket statements. Enough with the excuses. If you want something bad enough, you make time for it. You do it. You do it so easily, blindly, passionately that it isn’t even a thing. It just is. It takes on a life of its own. So let it breathe.

So what one thing is pushing all that other stuff out of your vision? It’s probably that thing that consumes your desires, thoughts, actions. If it isn’t, then it probably should be.

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The Keys to Making Money Faster

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I’m going to do something on the blog I’ve never done before, and talk about money — making it and keeping it. It might be one of the most deviant things I’ve talked about on the blog because I was raised to believe that you don’t talk about money. I grew up Catholic, and taking a vow of poverty and becoming a nun, though not nearly as practiced in my day and age, was still revered. Ironic, considering the Catholic church is one of the wealthiest in the world.

Which brings me to an interesting distinction. At an institutional or organizational level, it was and is seen that the more revenue acquired year after year, the more successful and admired the company. However, at the individual level, the more money someone makes, it is perceived that it means that someone else made less because of it.

This was my truth going up, and it occurred to me that it might be yours, as well. This idea that there wasn’t enough to go around and that you were an asshole if you had it, or that it turned you evil or that you were spoiled or whatever nonsense we conjure up to excuse the fact that we don’t have it.

It isn’t about the money. I’ve said it. And I meant it.

You’ve probably said it…and meant it too. What you do and why you do is not about the money. Until it is. And it is usually at the end of every month when you’re chasing the calendar trying to reach the revenue goal of just making ends meet. That’s a pattern I notice in a lot of people who don’t talk about or study money, who try to keep it separate from their purpose so it doesn’t sully the waters of the lagoon of peace.

I am one of those people that believes that everything is connected, and that you can’t compartmentalize your relationships, your health, your business, your money, and so on. With that in mind, if you’re hiding or holding back when it comes to your thoughts around money, then it probably means you’re not truly building the business you want on or offline. You’re probably holding back with your purpose, with your marketing, somewhere. With that in mind…

Here are my top tips on how to make money faster so that “it” all comes together:

1. Don’t be afraid to talk about money — The only way to understand it and get comfortable with it, is to try it on, talk about it and get to know it. You must ask questions about money and start conversations about money. Money is just a thing, it isn’t bad or good. It just is. So quit projecting your or your parent’s or your neighbors’ ideas about what money is or is not. Money just is. That’s it. So get to know it for crying out loud.

2. Increase your Financial Intelligence — Know the difference between an expense and an investment. Know where your money comes from and goes to. Know your budget and set a financial goal.

3. Build Your Wealth Consciousness — Read books like “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Science of Getting Rich,” “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (a fave). They talk about mindset. They share the secrets that people with money already know, and that with the flip of a switch, you could know, too. It isn’t the haves and the have nots. We could all have. It’s true. (These are all affiliate links).

4. Hire a mentor/coach who has the success you want to have —¬†They will help you get there faster by showing you the pitfalls, holding you accountable and teaching you the systems and structures that worked for them.

5. Surround yourself with people smarter and richer than you — People say this all the time. Your network is your net worth. Seriously. Uplevel. Then lift as you climb.

What are your tips for getting cozy with cash?


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