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5 Ways to Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Drinks and Apps

Taylor and I recently developed a series for our local Ladies Who Launch chapter called “Drinks & Apps.” We sit in the historic and kick-ass Point3 Media loft office space in downtown Nashville with women entrepreneurs both seasoned and start-up to discuss, walk-through, and demystify apps, from mobile to web. Sitting around talking about technology and the web may sound worse than a trip to the dentist, but did I mention there are drinks involved? What better way to open up the shy, get to the meat of the question or problem and get down to brass tacks on figuring out how to make these social media networks, applications and widgets work for you.

Our first Drinks & Apps event was last week, and we decided to focus on LinkedIn because a lot ofthe¬†entrepreneurs in the room were familiar with it, even had profiles up on it, but didn’t understand how it was more than a resume holder or how it differed from having a Facebook profile.

While it’s true that the premise behind LinkedIn’s origins was the fundamental notion that people find jobs through people they know – therefore what better way to expand “who you know” – LinkedIn has grown to be a place where you can stay abreast of current topics in your industry, do research on competitors, find business partnership opportunities, get further training, and much more.

Our “show-and-tell”-style walk through the sites and apps we explore and dissect for the group works wonders for their familiarity and comfort level. Here I’ll do a round-up of the top “tell” items that really help those who haven’t yet embraced the power of LinkedIn raise their profile and business in the space:

1. Groups:

  • Join groups in your industry to stay current on trends and issues affecting said industry.
  • Respond to discussions you are interested in and consider relevant to you and your needs.
  • Start discussions, debates, conversations anywhere you see gaps or need answers on a subject.
  • Only start a group if you find that one doesn’t exist already — Search the groups first. No reason to try and build a membership base when there’s probably already one there where you can contribute to the conversation and be seen and heard by more people.
  • Join groups that your clients, potential business partners or audience might join to get a feel for the trends and issues happening there, and how you might fill a need. Go to where they are, don’t expect them to find you.

2. Answers:

  • Questions AND Answers really. This is the place to ask any question you have been trying to find an answer too — What the hell is Ruby on Rails anyway? What’s the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook, and why should I care? Should I join Twitter? What tracking and management tools do you use? Etc. NO question is a dumb question when it’s posed from a sincere place. You would be surprised who will answer you — CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, leaders in their field. You make connections this way, but more importantly, you learn something new everyday.
  • Be sure and return the favor by answering questions, too. I won’t tell you how often you need to do that, but certainly you’ll get more out of it by how much you put into it.

3. Reading List: Add the Reading List by Amazon app to your profile and post books you want to read or have read in your industry. You can recommend, refute, and see who else is reading what out there that you might have missed. Remember, reading is fundamental.

4. Events: Post events, yes, but also FIND events near you or in a city you may be visiting soon. It’s the best way to network offline.

5. Market Analysis: This is where businesses and professionals in your same field post their goods. Read up. Does your resume read well? Is it sharp? Does it show results? Do your homework and update your profile every time there is a change in your world — something to celebrate, a change in title, a new result to post, a status message about an event at which your speaking, etc.

There are many more ways that you can leverage LinkedIn to boost your brand and your business. What has worked for you? What would you add? Tell me in the comments.

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Facebook Ads Work!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Dear Non-believers,

As a marketer and advertiser, I must inform you about the joys of using advertising like Facebook Ads and Google’s AdWords. Unlike print media, TV or radio, Facebook Ads and AdWords give you the ability to directly target a specific audience. It is truly a marketers dream come true! No more do you have to wonder if your message is getting seen by the right people, or if anyone is even paying attention to you ads.

With Facebook and Google’s platforms easily accessible to advertisers and marketers, not only can you pinpoint the audience you are trying to reach, but you can also see how many people clicked through, joined your page, and (if you have your Google Analytics funnels set up properly) when a consumer purchases what you’re selling. I know what you’re thinking – it can’t be true! But it is. I can testify to you that on the ad campaigns I’ve worked on, I’ve seen up to a 400% increase in “fans” on Facebook in 24-hours. I’ve also seen sales increase by 25-30% in 24-hours. Now THAT’s results!

The best part is, you can monitor the results of your campaigns hourly. If you notice one ad picking up while the others are lacking, you can evaluate the differences, adjust the campaigns, and see virtually instant results.

I have noticed that you should wait until one 24-hour cycle is completed. As indicated by recent research, most Facebook users in the USA use the platform between 7pm EST-12pm EST. Therefore, if you change the ad during the day you may not see results until that night. There are also days where Facebook use peaks – so be on the lookout for events (think Olympics, VMAs, etc.) that promote using Facebook that might affect your results.

Sadly, I’m not getting paid by anyone to tell you the good news. I’m just the messenger. If you do decide to move forward with Facebook and/or Google advertising, I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to hearing about your endeavors and successes!

Best wishes,

Taylor Vick
Your Social Deviant

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