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Social Media Superpowers

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I watched the movie “Kick Ass” the other night, and oddly, it got me thinking about social media (It’s a curse we in the business of sm live with. Be kind.) I came up with a list of how social media gives companies and individuals superpowers:

  1. Invisibility: When you monitor and listen to the cloud to find out who is talking about you and your competitors and what they are saying, you are enjoying the benefits of a cloaking ability. They can’t see you, but you’re sizing up who your audience is or could be, as well as finding out exactly what they need from your type of product or service. Invisibility helps you prepare and fill gaps.

  2. Empathy: The ability I hope you get from using the first ability. The reason you do all that looking and listening is to understand the audience and to empathize – you didn’t always posses superpowers after all. You were human first.

  3. Time Travel: Using tools like Hootsuite gives you the ability to use time to your advantage. You can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, your blogĀ  to post in the future. You can go back in time and see respond to mentions and comments. You have the ability to manage teams of people who also have this same ability. Some might call it time management, but when you do this well, it feels like you do have a superpower, so call it time manipulation.

  4. Teleportation: With Foursquare all people see is where you are or have been, but not what you are doing in the space in between (unless you tell them), so it seems as if you are materializing and dematerializing all over the map. The benefit to it is in the telling them, though, to get the nest use of the service and socialization.

  5. Mental Projection: the ability to project one’s consciousness/emotions into the astral plane (or cyber space). Being able to sincerely convey your passion in 140 characters or a status message is definitely a super power — don’t underestimate what you have to share.

While Invulnerability isn’t on the above list, your response time to crisis should be at super human speed. The thing I’ve always liked about Batman, and the thing I like even more about Kick Ass (because they don’t have money) is that they don’t have superpowers –, just the drive, determination, belief and bravery to get out there and kick butt trying to do good.

So what superpowers did I miss?

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