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SD Expert Interview: Personal Branding Expert, Christina Morassi

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Mad Scientist or Synergistic Career Alchemist? You decide in this fun and extremely informative interview with the vibrant Christina Morassi.

Christina has risen from being the unique “heartshot photographer” to a leader of women seeking to put all of their gifts together into their own unique Ecstatic Brand in record time. She has created a multi-six figure business in just a couple of years, and has had a blast doing it.

Watch the video to learn:

* how body and movement play a role in your business

* how to put an end to struggling to find your niche

* how to easily make money with a small list

* how social media played a role in Christina’s multi-six figure success

* how to live on brand with Transmission Marketing

* how Christina created her own Ecstatic Brand and how you can too!

[while my audio is on the loud side, Christina’s is a bit more subdued. Please adjust your audio accordingly]

Visit to find out about Christina’s free call series on how to create your own ecstatic brand.


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How to Add a Newsletter Sign-up Tab to Your Facebook Page

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

I get this question a lot: How do I add an email sign-up form to my Facebook page? A couple ways: First, you can add an opt-in form to your custom Welcome tab. Welcome tabs with this kind of customization (that aren’t just a .jpeg picture) are paid-for services. I recommend TabSite, Involver, SocialAppsHQ, and there are dozens more.

If you want to add a free email sign-up form to your page, you can do so as a tab. I’m going to show you how, step-by-step below, but know that I don’t find this to be the most productive way to build an email list. It’s a nice thing to have on your page, but remember, that 80% of people who “Like” a page rarely return to the page again.

For clarification’s sake, I am talking about a Facebook Business Page.

1. Add an HTML tab to your Page

  • Type “HTML” into your Facebook search bar. Click on Static HTML: iframe tabs (the one with the star icon)



  • Click on the blue “Go to App” button



  • Choose the business page you’d like to add it to




2. Then go back to your page and click “Edit Page” in upper right of your screen





3. In the APPS section, find the newly added Static HTML: iframes tabs app and click on “Edit Settings”

  • Make sure the Tab is “(Added)” and add the Custom Tab Name you desire.






4. Go back to your Facebook Page. Check the Left-hand menu to see if your new tab is there (look for the star icon). Click on it.










5. Paste the HTML code from your email service provider into the box. Then click “Save and View tab”










6. Here’s an example of what a PLAIN email sign-up form looks like. Yours may look different, but for our purposes, you can see that it worked.





Again, it’s nice to have it there for people and you should, but Facebook ads and custom Welcome Tabs have a higher opt-in rate.

All the best in your social business. Now, go make yourself useful 😉

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