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The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

I love that Podcamp exists. When Chris Brogan and Christopher Penn birthed the unconference back in 2006, I doubt even those visionaries knew it would touch all four corners of the globe and still be going strong six years later.

This is my third time hosting a session at Podcamp. This year I’ll be heading a panel about the third largest social network, Pinterest, with friend and lawyer Stephen Zralek who knows a thing or 60 about internet, copyright and social media law. Joining us is the second most followed man on Pinterest, Daniel Bear Hunley, who, in addition to being a “southern gent” is the social media coordinator at Powell Creative in Nashville, TN.

In fact, I actually cut my “speaker” teeth at Podcamp in 2010. Since then, I’ve spoken at events and to organizations nationwide, so I owe a lot to the format for helping me gain confidence, leverage, community and clients.

One of the most important things to remember about conferences, conventions and events like Podcamp, is that the fortune is in the follow up. These are amazing opportunities to network. However, the last thing anyone really wants at a conference is to be sold to.

Jason Falls, who is actually in town Friday for social media conference Explore, always says…

“Don’t sell. Give people opportunities to buy.” 

this, but with biz cards

Now, I’m not saying that if someone comes up to you and is ready to buy your services and become your new bestie client that you shouldn’t run the credit card through your fancy Square app device and iPad. What I am saying is that you’re not there on a scavenger hunt to see who can collect the most business cards and then do nothing but make a castle out of them when you get back to your office.

Spend time with the people you exchange cards with. Find out what they do. Find out why they do it. Discover what’s coming up for them — a new launch, new partnership, an event, etc. Figure out if there is anything they are currently struggling with. Really listen. Chew on the information and take notes after you part ways so you can remember them. Then make sure you actually follow up with them. I can not tell you how many people I know who don’t do anything at all with new contacts they’ve made at events — not even an email.

I’ll say it again — the fortune is in the follow up. After Podcamp has closed the bar and turned out the lights, that’s when your work should really pick up steam. Reach out to those you met on the phone. Yes, I said on the freakin’ phone. This is your time to help. Perhaps your contact with them becomes nothing more than a new friendly relationship in the industry right now, but at some point down the line, one of you may need each other or may be able to refer someone.

I’ve gotten clients, conducted interviews for my blog, made referrals, and most importantly, enriched my business and my life by expanding my network through events like this. And you can do the same.

What other tips do you have for remembering and following up with people you meet at events? Let me know in the comments.

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Social Media Isn’t Enough When…

Monday, January 10th, 2011

… you don’t know any of your customer’s REAL names.

… you haven’t stepped foot outside of the office to network in months.

… customers forget the URL to your website.

… you start speaking in hashtags (#) and using only 140 characters in all your communications.

… you only rely on social media to get the word out.

… you’ve forgotten that social media is NOT synonymous with “marketing.”

… you start reaching the wrong consumer base.

Remember your Marketing 101 class. Research. Do your SWOT analysis. Get outside and shake some hands. Meet with your customers face-to-face. Social Media can open doors for you, but it’s up to you to walk through them.

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5 Great Apps for Start-up Facebook Pages

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I’ve been attending the tremendous Facebook Success Summit this month. Even though I already had a Facebook Page training session scheduled for our monthly Drinks & Apps series with the Ladies Who Launch crowd, I gleaned some amazing tips that I was able to share with the group who gathered at the Point 3 Media loft last week. Before we started, we gave away a free Facebook Page setup to a randomly drawn name…and the winner was Mary McDaniel of McDaniel Pest Control. Be looking for her Facebook page in the very near future!

I knew there would be drinks. Taylor and I guaranteed that when we named the series. However, when Sheilah Griggs secured Tilted Palm Beverages as the sponsor, I did not know how taken all the ladies in attendance would become with the only gentleman in the room that night. Tilted Palm Tom, the Big Kahuna of Tilted Palm Beverages, swept us off our feet with margaritas and the entrepreneurial success story behind his growing brand. We thank him for his inspirational and intoxicational recipes.

Because several of the ladies in the room were new to the Facebook page scene, we walked them through the differences between Pages, Groups, Communities and Profiles, as well as through every link icon and step you see when creating and exploring a Facebook Page.

We’ll be writing a lot about Facebook in the near future, so I’ll keep this one focused on the apps that we think are great for those getting their feet wet with Pages:


1. Tabsite: for customized tabs within your Facebook page. They have a free tier, as well as extremely reasonable prices for premium levels.

2. Networked Blogs: whenever you post a new blog, it will go live immediately within your Facebook page (or profile) wall stream, as well as within the Networked Blogs list of blogs making it searchable on Facebook.

3. YouTube Channels: a very clean, great-looking app for people who want to bring their YouTubeChannel into their Facebook page. You have the option to post to auto-post to your wall whenever you upload a new video.

4. Payvment: perfect for e-commerce online business/retail.

5. Wildfire App: The best app I’ve come across to build and manage promotions, sweepstakes, coupons, Groupon- style group buy-in deals, trivia, quizzes, polls and more.

Which ones do you use/recommend?

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