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Quit passing judgment like you pass gas

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

In the past two days I have had my eyes opened by two unexpected people…who I don’t even know.

I preach and push tolerance, acceptance and positive collaboration. I deliberately weed out people who I think pollute my airspace with their judgmental crap.

Thing is, by pushing people out, I was judging them. I had made the decision that they weren’t good enough and couldn’t teach me anything.

I thought Katy Perry was a vapid, spineless, untalented puppet. I couldn’t believe she landed Russell Brand, whom I considered to be triple digits above her I.Q. (at the time).

I thought Julien Smith, best-selling co-author of Trust Agents (the Bible for social marketers when it came out) was an arrogant ass (affiliate link). I was so regularly offended and disappointed in his ridiculous judgmental crap that I quit following him on Twitter and unsubscribed to his blog.


So, what in the hell made me finally read Julien’s free ebook, The Flinch, yesterday? And why, today, did I decide I had to go see Katy Perry’s concert documentary Part of Me?

Maybe it was because Mercury was in retrograde (is it?). Maybe it was because I pretty much read anything published by Seth Godin’s Domino Project, which The Flinch is. Maybe I didn’t care if my cool kid card got revoked for watching Katy Perry’s bubble-gum pop romp around the globe.

Or maybe, just maybe, I knew deep down that I grabbed that book and went to see that movie for a reason — because Julien Smith and Katy Perry got to where they are because they might actually know some shit that I don’t. (I bet Julien can’t believe he’s been complementarily compared to Katy in a blog post…but there’s a first for everything.)

I’ll be expanding on my love-hate relationship with Julien Smith in a future post, but I wanted to bring to light that there’s room for improvement in all of us. There’s room at the top for all of us. That anyone can teach us something if we let them.

Quit passing judgment like you pass gas…because they both stink.


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