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The Force is Strong with Volkswagen

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

I dare you to not get choked up watching this ad:

This could have just as easily been a little girl twirling around and around in her living room trying to turn into Wonder Woman. What kid from Gen X on down hasn’t tried to use the force – not just pretend, but really be the superhero or villain with super powers?

In the very first Social Deviants post I wrote about Volkswagen’s Fun Theory project, back when we were on Blogger. How VW has always been able to tell me what the commercial is about without selling me anything has always impressed me. Car ads are brutal. It’s tough to do something different. You see a car taking rough terrain, carrying heavy loads, slow-motion sliding through deserts or secured roadways while a narrator or celeb tries to seduce you by regurgitating jargon. Boooooo. We’ve seen that…thousands of times.

However, take the new VW ad “Black Beetle” and you see a black beetle with white racing stripes taking curves around a centipede and taking jumps off of logs. While I don’t think it’s as good as “The Force,” it’s clever, different.

But back to “The Force.” This ad taps into something that started as pop culture, but is now iconic, and lets you know that the new Passat can work a little magic of its own. So the challenge to you is to find ways that you can not only tap pop culture, but get beneath it to find out why something becomes iconic. What’s the emotional connection it makes? What does it mean for your audience? Then you, too, can work a little magic. Light saber not included.

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