The New YouTube Music

YouTube musicIf you’ve visited YouTube recently you’ll see that the signature logo has a temporary makeover.

Click on that logo in the upper left of your screen and you’ll get taken to the new  YouTube music page.

Under the Recommended Music section, YouTube suggests videos you may like based on what you have previously viewed. Not sure what it says about me that it suggests both Dolly Parton and Tenacious D, but I like to think it means I’m well-rounded.

If you scroll down you’ll also see a Recommended Artists section, chosen for you the same way; and beneath that you’ll see Upcoming Concerts Near You, a handy calendar, videos and concert info for shows in your town, which is actually one of my favorite features.

As a business takeaway you should note that it’s never too late to up your game, and create helpful improvements to your most popular products and services. YouTube has been a music discovery tool for some of its audience since its inception, and now they have made music discovery a priority rather than an afterthought, helping the audience discover rather than leaving the audience to its own devices to do so.

For more information on YouTube music, click “Learn More,” and you’ll be taken to a video page that outlines the features in a more sparkly way than I just did.

Or you could just watch it here:


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