Update: Facebook Pages Change

As you all might be aware, Facebook finally made good on its promise to update Facebook Pages to look like personal pages. While the changes might freak you out initially, I think the in the long term it’s going to be better for both consumer and business.

Did you know that, as a page owner, you can now log in to Facebook as the page? This means that if you respond to fans off of your page, you can actually respond to them as the brand, and not your individual login. Hopefully that’ll make hesitant business owners with professional profiles feel more comfortable creating and maintaining a business page. (You can change who you are speaking as by clicking on your Account button, then selecting “Use Facebook as a Page”). Pretty cool, huh?


Oh, and AllFacebook.com has pretty much all you need to know about the Page changes in one awesome article. If you are a page owner and don’t want to test the waters yet, you better do it soon because all pages are converting to the new format on March 1, 2011. Happy Facebooking!

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One Response to “Update: Facebook Pages Change”

  1. janet wallace Says:

    February 11th, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    So glad you posted this. And, you actually hit on one of my favorite features of the upgrade — the ability to login and interact with Facebook as the brand. You can now “like” other pages as your brand. Tabs may be gone, but the pages themselves are still there in the left-hand navigation. Two other articles that have great overviews of the changes:
    Hubspot: http://bit.ly/gq8sN9
    Inside Facebook: http://bit.ly/iiKywv

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