Valentine Special

jim wallace monday funny valentine

In honor of couples, partnerships and the best duos in history
(Fred & Ginger, Bernie & Elton, Bert & Ernie, Thelma & Louise)

I’m offering a two-for-one special for Valentine’s Day

TWO HOURS of Private Marketing & Branding Strategy, Training & Awesome for the price of ONE hour.

Here’s the deal. I charge $350 for one hour of my time. And you know what? I’m actually raising my hourly price to $400/hr on March 1st. I’m offering you TWO hours for only $350.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. I’m recording these sessions via video Skype so that you can save them and watch them at your leisure. I only offer this to my clients, so now’s your time to take advantage of me!

2 hours, on tape…that sounds so wrong, but really it’s all for the good of your business, your brand and your marketing.