Welcome to the Corps!


You’re about to rock your marketing, branding, and events!! With DAILY content to help you gain clarity around your community, your brand and your business, you’ll increase your confidence because you will have the accountability, practical tools, and the touch of magical mojo you crave to kick excuses to the curb and banish the doubt demons.

You should receive, if you haven’t already, your receipt from PayPal securing your spot in the Lift As You Climb Corps membership.

You will soon be added to the Closed Facebook Group. This group will  be growing regularly, so new energy and blood will keep it exciting and active. In there you will see the daily programming schedule, you will have calls to action, you will get regular LIVE videos from me, and you can discuss the calls and your current project with security and confidence.

Stay tuned because we will be turning up the heat in October in the Corps……..


To your success,

Janet Wallace



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