Welcome Videos, Social Marketing and Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Dreams

The new and improved Social Deviants web site launched a few weeks ago. I worked with two teams of web designers and developers to create what I hope represents not only my vision for Social Deviants, but yours, as well. I wanted it to look great, of course, but I also wanted it to be a living, breathing expression of what I believe about what I do for a living and the kind of people I work with.

That’s why I agonized over the welcome video. Soooooo may web sites these days throw up a welcome video that’s lazy and ineffective, and really says absolutely nothing of value to the people who visit the site.

“Hi, I’m so-and-so. Thanks for visiting. To get your free report on X that will change your life and make you millions, sign up for my newsletter.”

I’m bored of seeing the same video with a different talking head on every forgettable home page. I have hundreds of free reports and MP3s that have done little to endear me to the person or company who own the site or add any value to my business.

That’s why I decided to do something a little different with my home page “welcome” video. I’m still a talking head, but I tellyou what I believe not only about social marketing, but about life, regret and why you shouldn’t follow your dreams. Quality service and products that are useful and valuable matter, but people today want to know what a company believes in. That’s even more crucial when there’s a personal brand behind the shingle.

If social media is about relationships, I want you to feel like you know at least something useful about how I think. If that strikes a chord with you, maybe you’ll dig deeper, get to know me and other social deviants on Facebook, Twitter, this blog and through my newsletter. Perhaps you will understand that what I can help you do online is bigger than your business. I help you take big ideas and turn them into big messages so that you can make a difference, make money and make your mark.

What do you believe? Make your own video and upload it to the Social Deviants Facebook page.  On Friday, December 30th, I’ll be picking one lucky person to receive a half-day intensive (via Skype). We’ll delve into your online strategy and get your 2012 brand, business and marketing on the track to EPIC. All I ask is that you keep them under three minutes, and please keep them PG-13 😉

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