What Your Social Network Says About You

NPR’s Laura Sydell had an incredibly interesting report this morning on social networks and the demographic segmentation that is happening naturally. Just as in real life, communities online are dividing up along cultural lines. I gravitate to where my friends are and pay less attention to communities I don’t feel connected to.

Social media marketers can use this information to their advantage, and should! According to research done by Misiek Piskorski, MySpace is still the 11th most visited site on the Internet, and 60-70M users from the USA visit each month. But the real interesting numbers lie in the demographics.

The Top 4 cities in the US that have the highest percentage of their population logging in to MySpace are Atlanta, Louisville, Tampa and Dayton. If you compare the per capita income of those Top 4 cities vs. the Bottom 4 cities, we should find some interesting data.

Per capita income*
Top 4 Cities
Atlanta: $36,038
Louisville: $21,340
Tampa: $28,694
Dayton: $17,437

Bottom 4 Cities
Chicago: $26,229
New York: $29,523
Washington, D.C.: $40,379
San Francisco: $45,410
*Source: City-data.com from 2007

As you can see, the average per capita income for the top 4 cities is signficantly lower than the bottom 4. So where are the communities from the bottom 4 MySpace-using cities hanging out? You guessed it: Facebook.

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