Why It’s Good to Destroy Some Things

Earth Wrecking Ball


I have a three-year old son. He likes to destroy stuff. He collides bad guys into good guys and knocks over towers. It must be innately ingrained in boys this desire to crash and bash things. Watching him though, it got me thinking about why it can be good and even healthy to embrace destruction.

Trying to build on top of a bad foundation is dangerous and a dreadful long-term solution…because it isn’t a long term solution. You’re forever trying to hide the dents, the leaks the weaknesses. You are polishing rust. It may seem like it’s the cost-effective and most productive idea at the time, but consider how much more it costs to bring in a repair person every month or how much time is wasted regularly with the quick fix.

Even in a controlled environment, destruction is loud and messy. It attracts attention and can inconvenience both the destroyer, the consumer and the casual passers by. It takes patience, timing and a plan for what will replace it.

Embracing destruction, however, clears the way for a new foundation, a new opportunity, new materials and new life to be born into the world of your business, your marketing and your strategy. It takes commitment and it shows your market that you care enough to start fresh with new eyes, new usefulness for them and are not willing to cut corners to do so.

The next time you have a problem in your business or marketing, step back and think about whether this is something that needs a Band-Aid, a new perspective or just downright needs a wrecking ball taken to it in order to be re-built anew. I find it usually helps to have Hot Wheels, Megatron and The Green Lantern nearby in case you’re stumped.

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