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500 Facebook Likes in Two Weeks!

“Janet Wallace completely revamped my entire approach to social media, and generates amazing results. By following 1 strategy of hers, I was able to get 100 new Twitter followers in 3 days. She helps me integrate social media strategies with my current service based business that has had instant results in building my platform and expanding my brand. She is definitely one of the smartest and most creative people I know in the industry. With her personable, and adaptable teaching style, along with extensive knowledge and experience, she comes up with a tailor made action plan for your specific business. Her ability to be constantly in tune with her clients allows her to stay 3 steps ahead of you, always anticipating your needs. I highly recommend her if you are looking to expand your business, get new clients and grow your list through social media.”

Gina DeVee, International Success Coach

Over 2,100 New Names Added to Email List in One Month!

“Janet Wallace kicks some major FB butt – she helped me get over 450 new Likes on my page in less than 2 weeks, and over 500 names on my email list in a matter of days, and we’re still climbing steadily. She’s loaded with brilliant ideas, actually makes social media fun and easy, and is a total hoot to work with.”

Jen Sincero, Best-selling Author

A Social Media Guru!

“Janet Wallace is a social media guru. I used to think I could navigate social media with the best of them. Little did I know, the multitude of treasures which were in store for me with a little help and some friendly tips from a world class expert! In less than 2 weeks my facebook likes grew by 200 from scratch and my email data base grew 100.”

Amanda Moxley, Body Transformation Expert and Coach- Top Nutrition Advisor for Healthy Utah Magazine and, Utah